Weekend Things

Hope y’all had a good weekend! Ours was pretty fun. We saw friends, played games, ate good food, and had a good two days overall.

Kaiden did give us a run for our money after nap time yesterday (when he opted to quietly play instead of nap). I’m pretty sure it was because he was super tired, but still. I was ready for bedtime two hours before bedtime…if ya feel me!

Other than that, here are a few things I wanted to share from the weekend that may be of interest…

  • Monopoly Deal – The best game ever! We played for three hours on Saturday night.
  • This Peach Bellini from Aldi is DELICIOUS and the perfect summer drink! Highly recommend trying it if you have this store nearby.
  • This recipe for Eggplant Paninis from The Chutney Life is really good. I made a few adjustments but was definitely inspired by this recipe. Also, don’t skip out on the ciabatta bread. It makes the sandwich!
  • The Costco pajamas I mentioned in my Friday post came in over the weekend, and they are so soft and comfy. AND lo and behold, I didn’t get all hot and sweaty at night. Woo!
This is K’s towel cape…just like Elsa!


So I know there’s no point in some of these thoughts but they come and I want to share…

I keep thinking about what we would do if either Kaiden’s school had to shut down at some point or if Chicago went back to phase 1. The only reason I was able to survive the first few months of quarantine was because Vishnu was home so much. This time around, he wouldn’t be home like that. Oy vey! Probably one I should just stop thinking about because it’s super stressful. Woo sah!

I can’t believe FL reported over 15k cases yesterday all while opening Disney. Umm what?! I don’t get it. And I can’t help but think of the video from the Palm Beach meeting where all the mask naysayers went to town to defend their decision not to wear masks. God, I hope people start changing their tune soon. We can’t afford for them not too.

Ok, last Covid-19 related thought. I asked Vishnu what he thought the end game would be given the direction the country is heading in, and he said he thinks about 50%+ of us will get this thing. And hopefully that (herd immunity) + a vaccine + people using their common sense with masks/social distancing, etc. will help us get through this. Oy vey! My husband is a smart guy, but I sure do hope he’s wrong this time around.

No good transition from Covid talk, but I want to start a new comedy show soon, and I’m thinking it’ll be Parks and Rec. I’ve heard it’s super funny, and Vishnu always says Leslie Knope reminds him of me. It’ll be a good distraction I think.

Have you guys been shopping all the big sales going on right now? I’m so tempted, but then I’m like I have no where to go so why would I buy new clothes right now?! But then I’m like I should probably buy more home clothes because that’s where I am 99% of the time. But I don’t need more home clothes. I just want them! #firstworldproblems

Ok, this is enough randomness for today! Have a great Monday…make it a good one!

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