Helllllooo Friday! Thought you’d never get here! I’m excited for this weekend because it’s the first after Vishnu started fellowship. He’s been working a lot this week, so it’ll be nice to spend time as a family.

With that, let’s get to it. Fittingly, this is my 4th Friday Stuff post, and I have four things to share.

The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix

Stop what you’re doing and watch this show! If you were a fan of the books growing up, this one is a must. I LOVE it, as demonstrated by the fact that I finished season one in two days!

The cast is perfect, the story lines aren’t too over the top or cheesy, and the modern twists are fun.

Question for you guys – who was your favorite character growing up? I’m nothing like her but I loved Claudia. She was so spunky and fun. But if we’re talking about who I was most like, it’s definitely Kristy (minus the tomboy part).

First week of fellowship

For Vishnu, this week has been busy and hard. He leaves the house no later than 6:45a and gets home between 5:30-7:15p. This is a very big change from his residency schedule the past few months, and while I miss him, I know he’s going to love the experience and that it’s going to set him up for success.

As far as K and I are concerned, we’re doing good. We have a morning routine we follow, and if it’s just the two of us, an evening one too. So far, I’m loving 3! Kaiden is so funny and his antics always make me laugh (for the most part). And I’m very lucky that he’s eager to go to school in the mornings. If that wasn’t the case, the whole thing would be super hard and a little miserable!


Every time I got to my sister’s place, I end up online shopping after seeing her purchases. That’s exactly what happened after she showed me the Costco nightgowns she bought recently.

Our room has been super hot lately, and I don’t help the situation by wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt every night. I thought maybe these gowns would help me stay cooler. We shall see!

Tatcha SPF

I love my Drunk Elephant SPF, but I wanted to try something new for every day use. I know this is a bit on the pricier side, but I’m ok with spending a little more on skincare, since I don’t spend much in other categories (especially right now).

I went with Tatcha because it’s a clean brand known for really good products. And I have super sensitive skin, so I have to really careful about what I use. I’ve worked too hard to get my skin to the point it’s at right now!

I’ll share more thoughts once I’ve actually used this, but I’m hoping it’s nothing but great!

Well, that’s all she wrote! Hope y’all have a great Friday and weekend. 🙂

By Parita

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