I think we’re now at day 95 in quarantine. CRAZY! I’ve obviously stopped sharing frequent updates like I said I would…because well, the past few weeks have been filled with a lot of conversation, reading, introspection, etc.

It’s actually not hard to believe how much our country and some parts of the world have changed since George Floyd’s murder. I’m proud of all the people protesting and demanding change, and I’m also glad the momentum isn’t slowing down, especially online. We have quite a way to go, but I’m praying this is the start of a movement bigger than any of us could have imagined.

We’ve watched the documentary 13th on Netflix and Just Mercy (based on a true story), and I plan to read So You Want to Talk About Race soon. I also bought a few books for Kaiden that will hopefully spark some insightful conversations with him. All things that should’ve been done sooner, but I’m trying to take the necessary steps to educate myself on systemic racism and how we can dismantle it.

There’s so much more I can and want to say about this, but it’s going to have to come in pieces because I want to craft my thoughts thoughtfully. As I’ve come to see on social media, when the conversation doesn’t remain factual and respectful, no one benefits.

I will leave you with this…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your part in helping to influence change now and in the future. Signing a petition or calling representatives may not seem like a big deal to you, but when we do them as a collective, they have a big impact. So many laws have been created or overturned as a result of every day people demanding change. Take a few minutes and just do it!

Life Updates

There’s no easy way to transition from that, but I wanted to share some life updates since the last time I posted.

For starters, the BIG update…VISHNU GRADUATED RESIDENCY LAST WEEK! Yay. It’s really such a huge accomplishment for him (and us a family). The past five years haven’t been the smoothest, but we did what we had to, and I’m just so proud of him for not only getting through this time, but doing it with such grace. He has one more year of training left (fellowship), and then we’re done done! Woo!

Kaiden enjoying his dada’s gradutation cake (Honey What’s Cooking chocolate depression cake made by my sissy!)

That may be my only BIG update to date. I’ve had some work wins here and there, and I love that we’re trying to address racism, discrimination and bias. I’m working with some passionate coworkers on different projects, and it just feels good to know we’re doing something that may impact the long term trajectory for our people around the world.

Other than that, Kaiden is nap time potty trained, which feels huge to us!

Well, that’s all she wrote because she (me) is tired!

I’m going to try and post here more regularly because I do enjoy sharing my off the cuff and random thoughts here.

Happy Thursday – make it a good one…

By Parita

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