I was talking to one of my good friends the other night. She has two toddler girls, a demanding a job, and a husband with a demanding job. Her experience so far has been chaotic and messy. And as you all know, mine hasn’t exactly been a piece of cake (but whose has?!).

We were laughing about how hard this is at time and how we would do anything to go back to days like the ones we had before – long commutes, packed weekends…the hustle and bustle days as I like to call them. We just didn’t appreciate them for what they were. We took them for granted because we never imagined a situation like this one.

The flip side of this Corona coin is that while the past is in the past, the future is so uncertain. For us, we have no clue when we’ll get to see our parents again. Heck, I don’t know when I’ll see my sister and BIL. Not anytime soon. And that just makes me sad. I don’t care if I have to wear a mask everywhere I go, or if I can’t go to my favorite restaurants/stores/whatever, but let me see my family! And to be honest, I think this has been the hardest part for me. The uncertain future and not knowing when it’ll be ‘safe’ to see the people I love again.

That’s all to say that the Coronavirus is truly teaching us that all we have is the now. And we need to appreciate it for all it’s worth. Because I bet there will be a day (in the future) where we long for the days home with our kids, no commutes, lazy afternoons, regular movie nights, etc.

When life gets messy, do somersaults!

Other day 46 happenings:

  • Bollywood lost yet another iconic actor – Rishi Kapoor. Just a day after the death of Irffan Khan. So sad. Both were so incredibly talented and had so much life in front of them.
  • I made a yummy pasta for dinner (totally off the cuff) and Kaiden went from not wanting anything to do with it to devouring his whole plate.
  • Kaiden’s been having more outbursts lately where if he even hears the whispers of a no coming, he screams. It’s intense and annoying but I kind of get it. Sometimes all I want to do is scream. We’re trying to talk him through his emotions because he definitely understands a lot more now, so let’s just say it’s a work in progress…
  • From a work perspective, I had a really great conversation with a potential external speaker we want to use for a virtual networking events I’m helping to pull together. The focus is on women in the workplace and how we can better position ourselves during this time, why communication and the words we use are so important, etc. That call was followed up by a call with my coworker who’s working on this with me, and she was so genuinely excited about this that it got me even more excited. So yeah, we’re excited!
  • I did a Workout with Salma workout yesterday morning and felt a soreness in my legs and butt all day. It was intense yet awesome! I love interval training over counting reps, so this was especially great. Highly recommend checking out her program if you need/want to switch things up.

And that was day 46 in a nutshell. Lata gatas!

By Parita

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