The greatest thing to happen over the past few days is Kaiden wanting to listen to Frozen and Coco soundtracks on Alexa. The other day, he woke up and sat on the couch for like 45 minutes while listening to Coco songs. I don’t know how long this will last, but I’m hoping for a while.

Other than that, it’s status quo here. The weather’s been pretty crappy, and when the window to go outside does appear, Kaiden is in a crappy mood. It’s supposed to be close to 70 degrees on Saturday, so I told Vishnu we should go out for an early walk before the crowds take over the city of Chicago [insert eyeroll].

The BEST news this week is that Vishnu presented his senior project and is done with call! He graduates from residency in a little over a month, and in little over a year, we’ll be done with training! WOO HOO! We were talking about his/our journey last night, and it feels like yesterday when he was stressing about medical school and getting into residency. I’m just so proud of him, and honestly speaking, so thankful to have call and extensive night float shifts behind us (for now).

Other miscellaneous updates:

  • I’m starting to figure out a rhythm for the days when Vishnu has to go into work. My boss told me to block out my calendar and only take meetings I can easily make happen. I don’t think I’ll go to that extent, but it’s nice to feel supported. That in and of itself takes the stress of a bit.
  • I’m trying my best to wake up at 5 to workout. It’s been hit or miss up to this point, but I’m making strides this week. What helps me is having a workout ready to go and previewed the night before. Knowing what I have lined up helps me not waste time and actually gets me excited about the workout itself.
  • I’ve been wearing my new Sephora makeup on the days I have more calls with people other than my favorite coworkers, and I have to say, it definitely puts me in a better mood. I like looking more put together. And I’m sure it helps me look more professional (vs. a major bum).
  • I made Cookie and Kate’s veggie fried rice for dinner last night, and it was delicious and so simple to pull together. I bet most people have the ingredients needed. What surprised me the most was how flavorful it was given it didn’t have any complicated ingredients. Really basic but really good. I did add pan sauted tofu for extra protein (good choice on my part!).

And that was the past few days. Hope you are all staying healthy, safe, and inside!

By Parita

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