Our weekend was good. Nothing different from the others of course but good nonetheless. I’m trying to make the most of the couple days of downtime we have during the week. For me this means not rushing around, not living by my to do list, and trying new things (mostly in the form of food).

Anyways, with that, here’s what days 33-35 looked like for us at a high level…

Day 33

  • My day started with a quick trip to the grocery store. I hate that something I used to truly enjoy has now turned into a mission. I also hate (but am totally supportive of) that everyone has to wear masks. It’s like we’re in a sci-fi movie…
  • Vishnu went to Costco a little later in the day and picked up some things for us. He said it wasn’t too crazy in the store, but the line outside wrapped around the building twice. Mind you, this was the day it was cold and rainy/snowy. People love them some Costco!
  • V and I did this Hasfit workout together during Kaiden’s nap time. It was a good one!
  • I caught up with one of my college besties. So fun!
  • I made The Chutney Life’s Samosa Grilled Cheese sandwich for dinner. I didn’t have the ingredients to make the chutney’s so I just used her crack sauce, which was just as delicious I’m sure!
  • We watched Jumagi: The Next Level! So funny. I loved it as much as the first one. The Rock and Kevin Hart killed it!

Day 34

  • We danced our way through the morning to the tune of Baby Shark and the Clean Up song. We also made garages and towers and castles…of the magnatile kind!
  • In the evening, we joined my BIL’s friend and family members for a Zoom birthday celebration. It was so fun! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADARSH!
  • I made Zheelicious’ Cheesy Rice and Bean Burritos for dinner. You guys, if there’s a recipe you need to make ASAP, this is the one. These bad boys were so delicious and BETTER THAN what you get at Taco Bell.
  • We ended the night finishing off Ozark. If there’s a show you need to watch, it’s this one. This season in particular was my favorite. The insanity never stopped. And now I can’t wait for season 4!

Day 35

  • Admittedly, Kaiden’s day started with an hour of TV – PBS of course! Pinkalicious and Daniel Tiger FTW! (Also, I feel 0 guilt when this happens. ZERO.)
  • While K indulged in some singalongs, I made my BIL and sister a batch of my chocolate chip pancakes.
  • We delivered said pancakes to them a bit later…quarantine style of course (six feet apart). We surprised my BIL for his actual birthday with a little visit. It was so fun and so sad at the same time. I love that we saw each other and caught up for a little bit, but it was sad to not hug or actually hang out in the comfort of our homes.
  • When K went down for a nap, I went for a run. My route took me along Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, and while it was nice to get out on a sunny day, it was so disappointing to see so many people not practicing safe social distancing. Ah well, at least I was able to squeeze a good run in before the streets get really crowded (when the weather gets better).
  • The rest of our day involved time outside (thank goodness for the new patio couch!!!), magnatiles, some more TV, and dinner making.

With that, happy Monday! Here’s to another week filled with family, food, and fun…and maybe some other unpleasant things/feelings dotted throughout. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be good!

By Parita

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