High level bullet list of what was done/accomplished on both days 31 and 32 (in no particular order)…

Day 31

  • 4.5 hours of work calls in total – we’re a very call heavy organisation, especially right now (understandably)
  • Zoom call with Kaiden’s teacher and classmates. He was definitely more vocal this time around than in the past.
  • Pancakes for dinner – shared the recipe on IG yesterday and will also share on here soon. SO SO SO GOOD.
  • Another episode of Ozark. This season is straight up fire. Vishnu and I stare at each other for a few seconds at the end of every episode. We only have 4 more left to go I think!
  • Catch-ups with both my sister and her husband and my BIL and his fiance – I love my family!
  • A Barre3 YouTube workout – so good (and FREE!)
  • Day 7 of meditating in a Deepak Chopra meditation challenge group started by my cousin Shraddha

Day 32

  • Less calls but some ’emergency’ work that popped up at 7:30 am (always fun!).
  • FaceTime with the grandparents 🙂
  • This 30 minute strength workout – so tough – my arms are gonna feel it today!
  • Dinner out from Xoco
  • Another Ozark episode – this show, man. So good!
  • Day 8 of said meditation

What’s Good?

And because it’s Friday, I wanted to share a few things that are good right now. We could also use a dose of the good stuff right now!

Sephora sale! – It’s that time again. Today is the first day of the VIB sale with Rouge members getting 20% off. Do you guys want to see my list of things I’m getting and would be getting if I was leaving the house on a regular basis?

Meditation for Kids – My friend Tejal wrote a book about….you guessed it…meditation for kids. It includes 40 activities to help kids breathe their way through various emotions and practice mindfulness. It’s truly a wonderful resource that we’ll use for years to come. Kaiden loves the Dragon Breath exercise – it’s fun for adults too!

Workout with Salma – I’ve ‘known’ Salma for years! We ‘met’ shortly after I started this blog. She’s been so supportive over the years, and I’ve really loved following her journey too. Part of which includes transitioning to a career in fitness.

In fact, she created an at home fitness program called ‘Workout with Salma.’ I love this concept and actually used this type of program back when we lived in Miami and saw awesome results. Essentially, you sign up for a package (click link above) and Salma will send you a workout pack that includes links for each move and all the details you need.

This is perfect for people who get annoyed with YouTube videos and want a more structured program to support their goals. I highly recommend you check this out if you’re that person!

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