Welcome to day 30 in quarantine (remember, I’m a day behind in terms of posting)!

Note: This is a random post with random thoughts and no transitions. Enjoy!

Vishnu went in for a 7a-7p shift today, so it was just me and K. Always an interesting day when this happens, depending on how many calls I have and with who. Today was actually manageable because of a little trick…

I let Kaiden set a timer for his play time (and then I sneakily increased it when he wasn’t looking). We started with 10 minutes and then I added another 10. I actually got 20 minutes to join a call and listen. After that, it was a bit chaotic until K agreed to watch a show for a bit.

Magnatiles to the rescue!

Does anyone else feel like they’re going through food like crazy? I’m trying my best to plan out meals, but we go through them faster than I anticipate. Kaiden eats a decent amount for lunch and dinner, and since he eats what we eat, I guess that could have something to do with it. The other thing for us is that our fridge isn’t all that huge, so even if I make a little extra, there’s no place to put it. Definitely a good problem to have, but it’s all throwing me for a loop!

I didn’t work out today because my lower back was hurting. Vishnu thinks it’s because my posture is off right now. Sometimes I stand and work, sometimes I sit on the couch or in our bed, and sometimes, I literally walk and work depending on how engaged K is with whatever he’s doing. I still aspire to get in some movement. In fact, I’ve been wearing my Apple watch more regularly just so I can see my step count. My goal is about 8,000 steps (10,000 seems unattainable given we don’t go out for walks right now). Believe it or not, the majority of these steps are gained by running around the living room and kitchen chasing Kaiden. Fun times!

Now back to our day. The afternoon was a little crazy with a major tantrum that lasted pretty much throughout dinner and then again before bedtime. I hate it when that happens (thankfully doesn’t happen that often for K) because I want to end his day on a positive note. He was happy when I put him to sleep at least and told me he loves me SO SO much. Gosh, I love that monster!

Other than that, I got to catch up with my friend Thea after over a month of not seeing or talking to her. That was so needed.

In terms of my accomplishment list, it was even shorter than day 29 (believe it or not!). We survived…yep, that’s it. I also called the doctor’s office about a bill and left a message.

Tomorrow’s a new day, right?!

By Parita

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