I miss writing here more regularly. So I’m changing that starting today and vowing to write more frequently (maybe 3x a week?), even if that means a bullet listed of some sort or just random thoughts or even a vent. Anything goes right now!

With that being said, we’re day 29 (wrote those on Monday…posting on Tuesday…so one day behind) into our quarantine in Chicago, and it’s going…ok. I do wish I had started documenting our time sooner. Not because it was super interesting or different from the rest but more so for my personal recollection. Oh well, starting with 29 will have to do!

Kaiden is fine. Pretty sure he doesn’t ever want to go back to school. It’s gonna be a blast transitioning him at some point. Vishnu’s doing well too. He has a few shifts a week at most, and since he’s in radiology, his risk of coming into contact with the virus are on the lower side. It’s been such a blessing to have him at home more at this time. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I had to be alone with K all day every day while trying to work. I mean, we would’ve figured it out but pretty sure I would’ve been bald by the end of it!

Speaking of, I’m ok too. I’ve moved from disbelief that this is even happening to acceptance and…hope. I’ve always been a big believer that energy plays such a huge part in how our lives turn out, and that is not to say a ton of positive energy will wipe out COVID, but I do think a ton of positive energy will help those who are hurting. So there’s that.

In terms of day 29, we built a ‘fort’ in our living room because Vishnu was sleeping after a night shift and all Kaiden wanted to do was jump in our bed. This kept him occupied for a good 45 minutes. Not a ton of time but that’s 45 more minutes of rest for Vishnu.

I’m pretty sure I started a trend. This thing will still be up (in some shape or form) on day X. Whatever keeps Mr. K smiling and happy!

Other things I accomplished today (here comes the bulleted list):

  • a 30 minute strength workout via Peloton
  • a few work related tasks that I wanted to finish before tomorrow
  • laundry – both folding and washing
  • call my grandfather

It’s crazy how more I revel in the simple things now. This list would’ve meant very little to me pre-Covid. Now? I’m so proud of myself! Ha!

Maybe that’s the lesson – it’s always been about the simple things!

By Parita

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