Guys! Every single person in our household is man down to some degree right now. Kaiden and I have colds, while Vishnu’s nursing a sore throat. Ick!

With that being said, I’m gong to keep this weekend report to a minimum, only highlighting key details.


Friday started off pretty typically – drop K off at school, Trader Joe/Target/library run, workout, lunch, A Million Little Things…

And then came the atypical. I went to the salon for highlights and a trim. LOVED the end result! I only go every five months, so it always feels like a little treat. New hair, who dis!?

The rest of the day was ok. Vishnu really didn’t feel good, so the evening was pretty low key. Essentially, we played, we ate, and we went to bed early.


Saturday started with haircut for K and a Costco run.

Ummm…Costco was a madhouse. People are stocking up on everything under the sun, including toilet paper. Also, riddle me this – why do we need to stock up on water right now? This isn’t a natural disaster. It’s not like we go crazy every year around flu season. Look, I agree that Coronavirus is scary and unpredictable, but I think we’re all playing into the media frenzy a little too much.

Other highlights include another showing of Coco (yes, again…and yes, again I cried at the end!) and lots of horsing around on mama and dada’s bed.

Vishnu and I also met up with our friends for a fun dinner at Lula Cafe. This is a top rated Chicago restaurant with tons of veggie options. For my main entree, I enjoyed a mushroom and toasted buckwheat dish that came with this delicious sauce and lots of Parmesan. Yum! If you live in the Chicago area, I highly recommend checking this place out.


With the time change, K was up closer to 7:45a, which was a nice change of pace, even though it didn’t make a huge difference for us (we didn’t go to bed until midnight).

Because we’re all under the weather, we decided to skip soccer altogether. Wanted to avoid any ‘why are you here?’ looks from the other parents!

It’s 1:58 pm as I type this out. So as of right now, our plans for the rest of the day involve a potential trip to the park (or even just a walk around the neighborhood), another movie, and hopefully another early bedtime.

I hope you had a healthier weekend than us!

By Parita

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