Is it just me or are the weeks starting to fly by again?  Things were definitely draft in part of February, but now it’s March 6 and I’m like WHA…?!

Anyways, this was a good week…nothing too exciting but better than the past one in some ways (mainly K being more sweet vs. sassy).

With that, let’s get started with some Friday stuff…

Book stuff

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I finished The Silent Patient and have now moved on to The Perfect Couple.  A few thoughts – I think everyone should read The Silent Patient.  It was that good.  I’m only 25% of the way through The Perfect Couple, but it’s good so far.  A few IG followers said they couldn’t wait to hear about my thoughts on the ending.  Which of course has been intrigued about the ending!

Also, do you guys borrow books from the library?  I’m so in love with the library now (like I was when I was a little girl), but the issue is that I can’t read fast enough!  I’m picking up 3 new books today when I’m still not done with the one I got last week.  #firstworldproblems

Brunch stuff

If you read my Monday weekend post, you saw that we went to brunch with friends after soccer on Sunday.  This isn’t extraordinary in any way, except that it didn’t cause me any anxiety. This is huge because I’m very strategic about how we spend our weekends, always balancing the things I need to get done and fun. I had plenty to do at home, but I excitedly agreed to brunch and am so glad I did.  Kaiden had an absolute blast with his buddy Roger and it made me so happy to see him that happy!

Hair stuff

I have a hair appointment today – cut and highlights.  I’m so excited!  My grays are coming in with a vengeance, and to be honest, I don’t really care about that.  I just want them to be blended in a bit more, and I truly love the way the highlights end up looking. And I actually want to grow my hair out a bit, so the cut will really be a trim and refresh.  It’ll be a nice way to welcome Spring (which seems to be coming soon…or at least I hope!). 

Skin stuff

So for those who have been reading along for a while, you know that I had two major hives episodes in 2019.  It was ridiculous and I had to go on steroids both times, etc.  We never figured out what caused my hives, but thankfully, I’ve been all clear since October.

However, now my issues is generally itchy skin.  It’s not necessarily dry (doesn’t look it anyway), but I tend to get super duper itchy at night and in the early morning.  Like I have scratch marks on my back kind of itchy! 

Up until now, I’ve just been moisturizing with Cerave and saying a prayer. But Vishnu suggested using Aquaphor to see if that helps, and you guys…it’s been a game changer of sorts.  Now, after showering, I put on coconut oil and then later on the Aquaphor.  I still get itchy, especially towards the end of the day, but it’s nothing like before. 

I’m just hoping this method will save me until summer shows up which is when my skin generally doesn’t have any issues.

Kaiden’s room stuff

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Vishnu and I took on a couple of projects to block the windows in Kaiden’s room.  We live in a loft, and thankfully the second bedroom is completely closed off, but the windows weren’t helping K’s sleep situation. 

Basically, for a while, we had white poster board Vishnu taped together in the windows the block the light.  Obviously not very aesthetically pleasing. 

To help change that, we used Kaiden’s artwork from school to create collages on one side (the side facing into his room), and then for the side facing into our living space, Vishnu created two pieces of shower curtain art.  (He basically used a similar process to this one, except before attaching the shower curtain, he stapled on a black sheet.)

So crafty and cost effective!  Wins all around!

Self-management stuff

Guys, I used to be a pro at this.  I have no tips or trick…just wanted to share that I’m trying to get better and would love any and all suggestions you have!  Share away!

Recipe stuff

Make these stuffed shells ASAP!  The filling alone will have you drooling.  Trust me!

Instagram stuff

Well, that’s all she wrote this Friday! Until next time…have a great weekend!

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