Friday followed the usual formula with a couple of exceptions.

I made a Trader Joe’s + Marianos run to grab groceries for the week. After coming home and putting everything away, I meal prepped by making some pesto (my own recipe), The Chutney Life crack sauce, and Cookie + Kate enchilada sauce.

I then showered, got ready, and did some work while waiting for Vishnu to get ready. Ready for what you ask?

Welll…while night float sucks, there is the advantage of going on Friday day dates, which is exactly what we did. Vishnu made a reservation at 3 Arts Club Cafe inside Restoration Hardware a couple of weeks ago. You guys, let’s just talk about the space. It’s beautiful and really open and airy. I really felt like we were sitting in a European cafe. The food was equally good. I got a soft scramble plate with avocado and sourdough toast. And I couldn’t pass by on a oat milk latte, so I ordered one of those too!

We then walked around Restoration Hardware designing our future (like waaaay in the future) home. To be honest, most of the furniture didn’t jive with me. Just not my style. Oh well. I guess we’ll have to pretend shop somewhere else. Haha!

After we got home, I headed to my annual doctor’s appointment (all good here)! Then I came back home and watched the latest episode of A Million Little Pieces. Man, I didn’t love this all that much for the first season, but I’m so glad I stuck with it. It’s so so so good!

Then I picked up K and we followed our normal weekday evening routine – play, eat, bath, books, sleep!

I then cleaned up and did the dishes before crashing on the couch!


Saturday started a little earlier than I hoped – 5:45 am. And nothing could convince K to ‘wait for the yellow light’ [on his alarm clock].

So we started our day, and by the time Vishnu got home, we were almost ready to head out to the Children’s Museum. If you’re thinking, “How can you go to one place so many times?,” you really need to check out your local museum. This place is amazing and has so many different areas to explore. Anyways, because I wanted Vishnu to sleep for a bit, K and I headed out to the museum around 8:45 and stayed until about 11:15.

Once we got home, we played for a bit before eating lunch and going down for a nap (all K!).

While he napped, I did a Barre3 online workout I found on YouTube. It felt so good to move in a different way again. Love me some Barre3!

Once K was up, Vishnu played him so I could prep dinner for the boys…enchiladas! I used Cookie + Kate’s sauce, my own sweet potato + onion filling, and The Chutney Life’s Crack Sauce (as a topping). You guys! This simple dish turned out so so good!

I then headed out to my sister’s place for a belated Galetine’s get together with some of my favs! We talked, we laughed, we ate, and we watched To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You. Such a fun night and a reminder that we need to schedule these more regularly.

I didn’t go to bed until almost 12:30 am. Who am I?!


Well that late bedtime didn’t serve me too well come morning. K was up at like 6:04 am. Was really hoping he would sleep until at least 7, but that was a no go.

We spent our morning playing, making pancakes, and generally wreaking havoc until it was time to go to soccer class. Vishnu and K headed out for that while I went down to our gym to work out. I then showered and did laundry.

K was super tired after soccer, so you can only imagine how the next 1.5 hours went. Lots of meltdowns, whining, etc. In fact, I made him this delicious plate of food for lunch, including pineapple, a toasted PB sandwich, and PB + banana bites, and he ate…the pineapple. I decided to put him down for an extra early nap because the crying would not stop and we couldn’t figure out why he was so crank (other than the fact that he was obviously tired). That was the best decision because he passed out immediately.

After nap Kaiden was happy and eager to get to the park since it was a beautiful day in Chicago. Once Vishnu got home from the gym, we made our way over and met our friends who then came over for dinner.

Toddlers are fascinating, I tell ya! Kaiden had a somewhat ‘off’ evening after a great weekend. He wasn’t himself and we have no idea what to attribute that too.

Ah well, tomorrow’s a new day…

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

By Parita

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