I love reading about other people’s days. The mundane details, the out of the ordinary stuff, all of it. I think there’s magic in sharing about our lives more openly, even the not so glamorous stuff. Like what you’re about to read. HA!

So I’m choosing to share a ‘day in the life’ type post now because unlike most days, I actually went to the office on February 19 and did more than just work and go to the gym.

Again not glamorous…just more interesting. Or so I think!

Let’s get started.

4:30 am – My alarm hasn’t gone off yet, but I’m up and just waiting for the beeping to start.

4:45 am – My alarm goes off and out I roll. Brush teeth, shower, put make up on, and do hair. It’s all a little robotic at this point in the morning, but I want to be ready before 5:45 which is sometimes when Kaiden wakes up. Once he’s up, there’s no way I can do anything for myself.

6:15 am – I have to go in and wake K up! I could’ve slept a bit longer!! It takes him a bit to wake up, so we cuddle on the couch and goof around.

6:30 am – I put a Daniel Tiger episode on, give K some cereal and make myself a shake.

7:00 am – Brush K’s teeth, put on my work clothes, change Kaiden…

7:15 am – We are out the door on our way to school and work! And like I tell K every morning, we’re going to have an AWESOME day!

7:25 am – Drop off complete and I’m walking to work. So here’s the thing. I used to complain about Chicago weather a lot. Like A LOT. It’s so damn cold and the wind is brutal. This year (knocking on all the wood!) hasn’t been so bad. With that being said, today was COLD. And I totally didn’t think to wear my warm winter boots. My ankles were exposed and freezing! The 10 day forecast looks a bit warmer than today, so there’s that! Look at me grow and not be a negative Nancy about things I clearly can’t control!

7:45 – Arrive at work, set up, get my water and start my day.


9:30 am – Our team in Chicago does a bagels and coffee breakfast thing once a month, so I head out to the cafe area to meet them. I love this event because it gets us all together and talking and reconnected.


12:00 pm – Eat lunch with a coworker/friend. We haven’t seen each other since December so there’s a lot to catch up on!


2:30 pm – Grab a coffee with another coworker/friend and catch up. I haven’t really been in the office much since December, so it’s nice to just hear about what people are up to. To be honest, I get more done at home, but I do love going in to our office because of the people. Everyone’s so nice, and honestly, it’s just a nice break for the ‘work by yourself’ routine I’ve created for myself over the past couple of months.


4:00 pm – Pack up and head out to get K and go home! But first, stop at Taco Bell to grab dinner. 🙂

There are no pictures after this point because it’s hard once K’s around. I just don’t think about it that much. So I hope my words paint a fairly clear picture for you!

4:30 pm – Get to K’s school (I take the train and then walk), convince him it’s time to go home, and head out.

4:50 pm – HOME!


5:15 pm – Daddy’s up! This is Vishnu’s last few days of nights (hopefully forever!). Kaiden gets so excited to see him and it just melts my heart!


6:15 pm – Sit down to eat our beloved Taco Bell! Surprisingly, Kaiden eats the burrito I got him with minimal fuss. Of course, he also eats a few carrot sticks and some apple!

6:30 pm – Vishnu leaves for work, and K and I head to the bathroom so he can take a bath.

6:45 pm – Get K dressed and lotioned up.

7:00 pm – Read books. Tonight’s picks include – If You Take a Mouse to School, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Krishna, and Lakshmi.

7:15 – Brush K’s teeth, finish up one last book, turn on sound machine (Kaiden’s job), debate about which ball to sleep with (he couldn’t decide if he wanted his new basketball or his old one – went for the new one!).

7:35 pm – Sing songs, pray, say affirmations…I leave his room and pray he goes to sleep and stays asleep!

8:05 pm – I check K’s monitor and he’s finally down!

8:30 pm – Do the dishes, pick up toys, fold and put away laundry, etc.

9:00 pm – Finish up this blog post

[If everything goes according to plan] 9:45 pm – Wash my face, brush my teeth, and get into bed. I read for a bit before my eyes feel heavy. Turn on meditation music and fall asleep.

10:15 – Hopefully I’m fast asleep…


5:15 am – Wake up and do it all again (with some variations!).

And that is a typical day…when I go in to the office. Like I said, nothing too exciting but joyful and fun nonetheless!

Have a great Thursday!

By Parita

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