Welcome to another addition of my Friday randomness! Also, Happy Valentine’s Day!

You guys, we are almost one week of Vishnu’s night float rotation (out of 2), and I’m ready for it to be over.  This may be our last time ever experiencing nights (FINGERS CROSSED!), but man, when his entire schedule flip flops, it feels like ours does too!  Also, I just miss my partner-in-crime!

Because Vishnu sleeps during the day, I need to figure out how to keep Kaiden out of our room on Saturday and Sunday.  He loves to ‘go see’ dada, which never ends quietly.  I’m thinking a museum date and maybe even lunch out on one or both days may be in order!

Anyways, I still have approximately 20 hours to figure all that out.  Let’s get on with my Friday favs…


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I challenged myself to read 20 books in 2020.  You guys, I’m already on #6!  Getting a library card definitely helped push me a long because a lot of the books I put on hold are popular, so essentially, I need to read fast! 

Take book #6 for example – You Were There Too.  I got a notification on Wednesday telling me I have to return this book Friday.  I was only 60% of the way through at the time, so that forced me to read my little heart out on Wednesday and Thursday nights!


Speaking of challenges, my sister and I decided to take on a ‘no dessert February’ challenge.  And dare I say, it’s going really well so far.  If we do end up eating something sweet (as in a dessert and not ketchup), we owe the other person $5. 

I plan to share more about why I’m doing this, the results, my new plan regarding desserts, etc. very soon.

Wish me luck for the second half of the month!  If I make it, this will be the longest I’ve EVER gone without eating dessert.


Speaking of sweets, did guys know there’s a Food Network show called ‘Chopped Sweets’ now?  It’s essentially like Chopped but all about making dessert like creations.  The episode I happened to catch had ingredients like lamb vindaloo, which some chefs turned into chocolate mousse.  I LOVE FOOD NETWORK!


There’s no way to transition from that to what I want to share next, so…#sorrynotsorry!

I wanted to share a quick potty training update because I think I figured out the key to making this transition a success…CONSISTENCY!  No matter what you do, you have to stay consistent.  It doesn’t matter if your kid has accidents or is regressing.  Stay consistent!

Trust me, it’ll be easy to just put them in pull ups during the weekend and kind of half-ass the whole thing…but don’t!  You’re only prolonging something that can actually be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. 

In terms of Kaiden, he’s doing well.  His issue is getting to the potty in time, especially at school.  We’re working on it!  He’s also gotten to a point where he doesn’t like to get his pull up wet/dirty, so that’s a move in the right direction!

I hope that by April we can have him trained so that he doesn’t need a pull up at naptime.  Wish us luck!


Ok, so no transition again…just a cool new gadget!

I love cooking don’t love the prep (i.e. chopping vegetables).  I always say that I wish I could just magically have my veggies chopped by someone/something else.  That would make so much more fun and a lot quicker too.

Well when my IG friend Aartee shared this chopper in her stories, I knew I needed it!  She’s a busy mom who could also use all the shortcuts she can get, so I thought, if she likes it so will I!

And guess what…I love it!  This thing is perfect to chop up onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, etc.  I still have to cut the veggies into smaller chunks, but it’s not as labor intensive as having to chop up everything by hand. 

If you cook a lot at home and hate chopping as much as I do, get this!  It will change your kitchen game!

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By Parita

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  1. I need that chopper! I HATE chopping onions so that would be perfect! Also, I’ve been loving the library lately! It’s been great for a quiet place to work and as a result I’ve been reading a lot more!

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