I love reading about people’s weekends. Mainly because it gives me some ideas for how to better structure ours!

I was pretty regular about posting about ours (mainly because I love reading back about how we spent our time), but the Sunday night blogging habit dropped off. I’m hoping to pick it back up whenever I can because I know future Par is really looking forward to these posts!

With that, I present to you our weekend…


Friday was a pretty productive day. I dropped K off at school, headed to TJs and the library, came home/put away all the groceries, watched A Million Little Things, went to a HIIT class at the gym, showered/ate lunch, went to Costco and Target, napped for an hour, cleaned a bit, and prepped for dinner.

That is Friday in a nutshell!

The rest of the day involved Magnatiles, a spaghetti dinner, and Instant Family


Saturday morning started a bit later than usual. Kaiden didn’t wake up until 7:00!!! What a great way to start the day!

Then, before lunch, we had two Care.com sitters coming over to meet us. I’ll share more about the who, what, when where, and why about Care.com, but both sitters were great!

Kaiden attempted to nap for a full hour in the afternoon, but he just wasn’t sleepy enough to actually fall asleep!

Let’s just say the rest of the day was a little hit or miss with Mr. Kaiden. He was either really happy or in a mood.

Vishnu and I debated whether or not we should go to dinner with my sister and BIL as planned because of Kaiden’s mood, and ultimately decided we would because we really wanted to see A&A and we really wanted to try Rickshaw Republic, a new to us restaurant.

Thankfully, dinner turned out fine. K behaved for the most part and even ate some food (ha!). In fact, he was good enough that we walked over to Insomnia Cookie so he could have a coooooookie! You guys should’ve seen him. He was literally in heaven.

My sister and Adarsh came back to our place afterwards where we were all met with Kaiden’s sugar high…they hung out for a couple of hours towards the end of which I fell asleep on the couch (oops!).


Sunday was just as if not more relaxing than Saturday. Except Kaiden woke up at 6 am (beats 5 am!). We played and ate and then it was time to go to soccer class. My little soccer player (that’s what he calls himself) got ready and headed out with Vishnu while I used that time to go to the gym and prep our dinner (My Heart Beets Butter Chicken except with tofu).

Then we had our last sitter come by to meet us right before lunch (she was awesome too).

Kaiden ate/played with his lunch and then went down for a nap. Boy was tired – no nap Saturday, earlier wake up time on Sunday + soccer!

The rest of the day was spent indoors since there was a snow storm brewing outside!

Vishnu started his last (at least in residency) 2 weeks of nights, so our days will look and feel a little different for the next 14 or so days, but we’ll get through it!

I hope y’all had a great weekend!

By Parita

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