Guys, how is it already January 17, 2020!? It’s really wigging me out with how fast this year is already flying by! And honestly, when I look at my calendar, it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon!

Anyway, let’s get right to it – my five things this Friday…


My sister and I are headed to LA next weekend to visit my grandparents, and I could not be any more excited – to see them and spend some quality time with my sister! We don’t have any major plans…just trying to squeeze in some authentic Mexican food! My grandparents live with my aunt and uncle, so it’ll be so nice to spend some time with them too.

Unfortunately, I’m not taking Kaiden with me. He’ll get some good old quality time with his dada. I originally wanted to, but then thought against it when I realized I would have to do everything on my own. Of course, my sister would be there, but I don’t expect her to wake up two hours early (time difference) with us or go comfort a crying Kaiden in the middle of the night like I would of Vishnu. Not to mention all of his stuff, etc., etc. This would not allow for optimal quality time with my grandparents, and that’s the whole reason for the trip. Maybe I’ll regret this decision once I’m there, but I’m thinking it’ll be a-ok!

ALSO, on a related but separate note, I’ll finally get to try Nishi Mami’s Cookie’s when I’m in LA! I placed my order with the other day, and I’m so excited to do a taste test with the family! More to come!


I owe you guys a 2020 reading/book update! I’m deep into the Nicholas Sparks’ book that I didn’t actually read (returned the other one to the library), and I’m really like it. It’s called Two by Two, and it’s a little different than his past books. Still very romantic and dramatic, but it has a different/normal feel to it. I’ll share more when I’m done!

Speaking of the library, two of the books I placed holds on are ready for pickup – The Next Person You Meet in Heaven and Ghosted! I’m so excited, but also a little nervous because this means I need to get my read on and fast! Maybe this is the fire I needed under my butt to make nightly reading a priority.


Vishnu and I never got K a Christmas present. That was very intentional. He got so many new toys from his grandparents, so it was a little unnecessary. My BIL and his fiancĂ© got K a set of these Manve magnetic tiles. Kaiden did really well with them at first, and then he was getting increasingly frustrated every time they stuck to one another. It was getting to the point where I just had to hide them. I then noticed that K played with Magnatiles at school, so I asked his teacher if he gets upset when they fall apart or when things don’t go his way. Of course, he’s at school so he’s an angel. Ha! I asked Vishnu if he thought K would do better with actual Magnatiles, and he said, “Let’s find out.” So we got him this set and called it his belated Christmas gift. He still gets frustrated but not as much. I can that a win! Now Vishnu and I can play with the other set… 🙂


I’ve talked about it a bit on Instagram, but Kaiden has been LOVING his weekly soccer class. We went to a free ‘tryout’ class when he was 18 months, and it was a disaster. But now? He runs around on his own and sometimes doesn’t even need or ask for us!

It’s kind of cool to see your kid excel and enjoy something without you having to push it. We’ll see how long this lasts, but for now, I really enjoy watching him concentrate, laugh, and have fun on Sunday mornings.


I recently shared a post on Instagram about my workout system. Essentially, what I fall back on when motivation isn’t quite enough. If you recall, I shared a fitness challenge I did with my friends a while back. Well, now I’m doing that same challenge but with Vishnu, my sister, my BIL, my other BIL, and his fiancĂ©. It’s a family affair!

Essentially, we have to get at least 12 workouts in every month. A workout = 30 minutes of intentional activity. You can’t double up. If you don’t get 12 in, you owe each person who does $5. Simple!

Hoping this, along with my system, keeps me accountable all year long!

Tell me…what are you reading right now? I’m building out my 2020 list and want to include some good reads this year!

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