First and foremost, it may sound like it, but this post is not sponsored in any way.  I found and bought this planner on my own.  I love it so much (already!) that I just have to share.

Ok, a little context.  I found this Passion Planner after researching unique planners online.  I’m a huge paper planner person, but for 2020, I knew I wanted something different.  Something to not only help me plan my days/weeks/months, but also something that allowed me to document my habits, my intentions, my dreams, etc.  I also wanted something that would help me reduce the number of notebooks I use – blogging, personal, and planner.

The Passion Planner is honestly everything I could’ve asked for and more.  Let’s get into why…

The monthly view

Look at this monthly view!  I got the large planner, so it’s pretty huge.  I have big handwriting, so this is super helpful.  There’s also space for your monthly focus, people to see, places to go, and things to learn.  I also love how you can list your personal as well as work projects.  And the large whitespace at the bottom would be perfect for notes, accomplishments, goals, etc.

The weekly view

I’ve never used a planner with such a detailed weekly view before, but I’ve already started filling out appointments, events, etc. for 2020, and I love it.  I think I’ll continue to use my virtual/online calendars as well, but I think this view and level of detail will help keep me uber organized.  Like with the monthly view, I love the weekly focus + good things that happened spaces.  Your to-do list space is built in, and again, the white space at the bottom is perfect for additional lists, notes, etc.  And the quote lover in me loves having 52 awesome quotes to ponder on in 2020.

Monthly reflection questions

This monthly reflection section is completely new for me, but I love the idea of it.  You can only improve and do better by reflecting on your past actions and the results.  I’m going to make it a priority to sit down at the end of every month and answer these questions. 

Extra blank pages

There are 24 big blank pages in the back.  Personally, this will mostly be a blog notebook replacement for me where I jot down my ideas and plans for MIS.  If you think about it, that’s two pages per month, which given the size of the planner itself, is a lot.  Even for those of us with big handwriting!

So if my review doesn’t give it away, I LOVE this planner and am so ready to really use it in 2020.  I feel like it’s setting me up for success and is going to help me capture everything in one place. 

If you decide to get it, let me know.  We can be Passion Planner nerds together!

P.S. I ordered the LARGE Forest Green Passion Planner with a Sunday start (you can also opt for a Monday start). It doesn’t look like the Forest Green option is available on Amazon anymore, but there are quite a few other ones in different sizes and colors.

No portion of this post is sponsored.  However, affiliate links are included. There is no extra cost to you, but I do receive a small commission on anything you buy through my links.  Thank you for reading and supporting My Inner Shakti!

By Parita

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