Something I want to get back to (and I’ve shared this before) is old school blogging.  Blogging about life, current happenings, random stuff.  I still LOVE the blogs that keep it informal and real.  More of that in 2020 for sure!

With that being said, the ‘ing’ type posts were super popular when I first started blogging, so I thought I’d bring it back today. 

Without further adu – here’s what I’m feeling, travelling, sweating, seeing…and on and on!

FEELING – To be honest, I’m feeling a little bit of everything right.  Thankful, calm, and overwhelmed at times.  Part of this, I know, has to do with DST.  I hate that it gets so dark so early, and I know that it impacts my mood for sure.  As I’ve alluded to in the past, I’m trying my best to implement strategies to keep the negative emotions at bay – scheduling me time, fun activities for K, date nights, etc.; making sure I have one thing to look forward to every week; picking good books that I don’t want to stop reading; going to the office 1-2x a week; not skipping workouts.  Just a few things I’m doing to combat the ‘winter blahs!’

TRAVELLING – We/I have three trips from now until the end of December – Bahamas (all of us…for a good friend’s wedding), London (just me…for work), and Atlanta (all of us!).  I think all this travel all around the same time is adding to my overwhelm, but I’m trying to focus on the fun aspects versus the stressful ones.  Even though it doesn’t feel like it all the time, we’re giving Kaiden a gift by taking these trips and creating memories.

SWEATING – I was on such a good workout streak, and then all of the aforementioned travel started.  I’m still trying to get in 3-5 really solid workouts in every week, including classes at my gym, treadmill runs/walks, Barre3 online, YouTube workout videos.  I can use all the endorphins I can get!

SEEING – Kaiden grow up in front of our eyes!  It’s crazy but I feel like he’s a different kid every day.  He has recently started talking to Alexa…more like bossing her around…but it’s the cutest!  He’s also asking at ton of questions like, “Mama, what are you doing?  Where did dada go? Why?”  And then when I answer he either says, “otay” or asks the question again!

WATCHING – We’re still watching The Americans (even though it’s been a minute).  And I’m still watching This is Us and A Million Little Pieces.  I like that I don’t have a ton of shows on my lineup but that I love each one that I do.  It’s a good feeling!

LISTENING TO – You guys know me…I’m all about that podcast life.  Currently, I’m really loving The Happiness Lab, Mommy Group, The Time-In Talks Podcast.  Highly recommend checking them out!

READING – I’m currently reading The Tattooist of Auschwitz.  I’m only on chapter 6, but it’s a heartbreakingly beautiful book so far.  I’m a little obsessed with World War II books.  I can’t imagine living through that, so I want to immerse myself in the lives of the people who did.  Anyways, will post a review to my IG page once I’m done.

WRITING – I’m writing a lot for my IG page and less for the blog itself.  Something I want to change going forward.  I have lots of ideas and plans for 2020, and I’m hoping I can use my December ‘break’ to figure that stuff out!

LOVING – It’s hard to pick one thing.  As cheesy as it sounds, I’m really loving my husband right now.  I mean, I love him always and forever, but over the past few weeks, I’ve taken the time to really appreciate him and our relationship.  He’s my #1 supporter, the best dad, and just someone who genuinely wants to see me happy.  LOVE MY, BOO!

EATING – More salads, that’s for sure!  On this week’s meal plan I have, Cookie and Kate’s Chilaquiles, Pinch of Yums Kale, Butternut Squash, and Lentil Soup, and Piping Pot Curry’s Lemon Parmesan Orzo.  Can’t wait!

WEARING – You guys, it’s officially winter here in Chicago.  Whoomp, whoomp!  And this means I’m wearing my legit North Face winter jacket, Uggs earmuffs, and North Face Gloves…plus a scarf, boots, etc.  Basically, the whole nine yards.  It’s going to a long few months!

PLANNING – I’m planning to start planning at the end of December!  I got a new 2020 planner and it’s very different from what I’ve used in the past.  Don’t worry, I’m going to be sharing more about this very soon!  I’m so freaking excited…it’s a little stupid!

Ok, so that’s what’s been going on in my life!  I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Tell me – what do you think of old school blogging?  So, more about the blogger’s life versus what the blogger thinks about specific topics.  Of course, you can incorporate the latter into the former and vice versa, but the back in the day blogging had a different feel. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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By Parita

3 thoughts on “Sharing a Little ‘ING’”
  1. Loved old school blogging, that’s why i really regret not starting a blog sooner. I was an avid reader if blogs back then and still am..and am loving everything about this post, and always look forward to your posts!

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