A while back, I asked my Instagram followers about the things they want me to share more about.  A couple of people asked about how I balance blogging/IG with work and life.  Great question, and I finally have an answer.

Before I give you a taste of my secret sauce, let me share a bit of background information for anyone who’s new around here…

I’m a full-time working mom to a two-year-old little boy who’s the light of my life.  I’m married to the love of my life, and the three of us live in Chicago.  I work for a global professional services firm on the Global People and Culture team as a senior project manager (in a nutshell).  I’ve been with my current organization for over seven years and have worked in Miami, St. Petersburg (100% from home), and now Chicago.

In terms of this blog, I started it in January 2011 kind of on a whim.  I had been reading healthy living blogs for a year leading up to this point and finally decided to start my own when my best friend posed the question, “Why not you?” 

MIS started as a healthy living blogpodge (lol!).  It’s definitely evolved over the years as my life has changed.  I’d now characterize it as a motherhood lifestyle blog that covers all my passions and interests.  Vague?  Sure, but that’s part of my secret sauce!

Some of you may also follow me on Instagram where I share stories, ideas, etc. as well.  That’s another platform that I love sharing, connecting, and engaging on.  I’ve had an account since 2012 but started using it a little differently about two years ago when I became a mom.

Ok, so that’s that!  Now for my secret sauce.

  1. First and foremost, writing, connecting, engaging, and building a community is something I’m VERY passionate about.  It’s the sole reason why I’ve been able to keep going for so long.  If you’re not deeply passionate about what you’re sharing, if you don’t believe in what you’re saying/sharing, if you’re not authentic about it, you won’t be able to stick to it long term.  Period.  With that being said, sometimes this means that you write and share about a variety of topics (MIS is truly a blogpodge!).  I know they say that to succeed with blogging, you have to have a niche, but I know myself, and if I only focused on one area of my life, MIS would’ve died a slow death years ago.  Do YOU!
  2. If you’re not motivated or are lacking passion, don’t write.  People can tell when you’re half-assing it.  Also, giving yourself the gift of time and living your life usually helps increase creativity. 
  3. I used to have a detailed content calendar.  Then I became a mom.  I know this works really well for some people, but not for me (at least not right now).  Now, I try to plan my content out a week at a time…if that.  Sometimes it’s just an idea that comes up and I write about it.  Sometimes it’s something I’ve deliberately plugged in for the week.
  4. Capture your ideas as they come to you.  I have random blog ideas in my blogging notebook, my notes app, and my email.  This helps make time for the actual content creation/writing. 
  5. I use a lot of my ‘free’ time to draft posts.  Early morning, lunchtime, nap time, nights, etc.  Thankfully, after nine years, the ideas and words come to me fairly quickly/easily.  I formulate all of my posts in my head, capture as much as I can when I can, and then edit and share.
  6. 80% good is good enough for me.  For example, some people focus on pictures.  For me, I focus on my words and the depth of my content.  Some people do both well, but that’s not me.  I know this and don’t beat myself up for it and then procrastinate because my pictures aren’t great.  This ultimately gives me more time to focus on what’s important to me…writing and engaging.
  7. And finally, have boundaries.  Family/life will always come first for me.  Then work and then blogging.  This can be all consuming, especially when you love the blogging/IG world, but I constantly remind myself that this blog is a very special hobby.  Absolutely nothing will not fall apart if I don’t share or keep up with this space!

I hope this answers the question that was posed.  There’s no perfect formula or way to balance the things that you love and are passionate about.  At the end of the day, you just have to do and be you.  😊

Your turn – how do you integrate life and your passions (doesn’t have to be blogging)?

By Parita

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