Another week in the books! And it was a good one. I got a big project out the door for work while kicking off another one. Kaiden just seemed to be extra happy this week. And we have Vishnu back. A simple yet good week!

With that, let’s dive into my 5 things!

I didn’t have any other pictures that went with this post! Even though you can’t see his face, isn’t he the cutest? Look at his little foot!

ONE – Ok, I have a water bottle rec for all my moms out there. Kaiden’s never been a big water drinker, but ever since we got this bottle, he’s drinking H2O like crazy! It’s not completely leak proof, but it does the trick. I’ve been looking for good straw bottle for a while and am so thankful I found this one!

TWO – My friend Shelly started a company to help pass on the Indian culture to her kids. It’s called Khyalo Toys. She sent me her first product, a Diwali book, and guys, it’s incredible! The storytelling, the illustrations, everything. And did I mention that Shelly is a lawyer, a mom of 2, and a wife (#marriedtomedicine). Remind of this when I start making excuses! I’m going to be sharing more about Shelly and Khaylo Toys in future posts and on my IG page, but wanted to share now so you can check out her book!

THREE – Our weekend plans consist of a Friday night movie (for me!) because Vishnu has to work an overnight shift; errands/library on Saturday morning and a play date in the afternoon with a good friend of mine and her son (we’re thinking of letting the dads take over and heading out for dinner and wine because we haven’t had a chance to catch up in a LONG time); and a Sunday morning play date with another friend who has kids around K’s age. Love it when this stuff aligns!

FOUR – I took a strength based gym class this week and decided to up my weights and really push myself. Holy moly! My arms and upper back were so sore the next day. So much so that the next day I walked all the way to the gym for another class but turned around as soon as I got there. Ha! My gut was telling me to rest even though I wanted to push through. But then I had Vishnu’s voice in my head telling me to take it easy and not hurt myself. So treadmill intervals at the apartment gym it was!

FIVE – You guys, bath time in our house has recently gone from fun and easy to chaotic and crazy. It’s hard to convince K to get in the tub, and it’s also hard to convince him to get out. We can’t win!

That’s all I’ve got, guys! I hope you have a fun weekend.

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By Parita

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