Sorry to interrupt our usual High Five Friday, but today I’m sharing about some of my favorite old fashioned blogs. Not Instagram blogs but websites you click on and read.

A little backstory. I started My Inner Shakti (the blog!) in January 2011. At the time, most of us who blogged did so in a ‘dear diary’ type of way. Some even blogged multiple times a day. Obviously things have evolved since then, but I still love my old fashioned blogs. They’re almost like reality shows but in the best way possible. You really get invested (but not in a creepy way).

The following list of blogs are ones that I personally read and love. They span a number of different genres and categories, so I hope you’ll find at least one that you love!

RAPTITUDEThis blog is for those who think very deeply about topics like happiness, joy, mindfulness, etc. I love how David articulates his thoughts and gets his readers to approach human topics from different perspectives.

TANVII.COM – I’ve been reading Tanvi’s blog for years. She covers everything from lifestyle topics to fashion and books. She’s honest and unapologetically herself.

JUST GOOD SHIT – Rachel’s blog is a relatively new one for me. I used to read her previous blog and was excited to see her pursue a different kind of space online. She not only shares her perspectives on every day topics, but she also shares recipes, hacks, etc. Personally, I love her aggregated list of Just Good Shit reads.

LIFE AS LAUREN – Lauren’s blog is one that I’ve been reading for years as well. I honestly love the ‘dear diary’ feel of her writing. You can just tell she loves her life. I always leave her blog feeling positive.

A CUP OF JO – If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I adore this blog. It’s covers everything from parenting, to love, to recipes, to life, to you name it. ADORE!

HONEY WHAT’S COOKING – This food blog is way more than what meets the eye. Through her delicious recipes, Nisha shares details about her life and the things she’s passionate about. I actually had the opportunity to meet Nisha when we lived in Miami, and I can personally attest to how fun and kind she is!

SWEET TOOTH SWEET LIFE – Again, this is another blog I’ve been reading for a very long time. I love Courtney’s down-to-earth personality and approach to motherhood, her marriage, food, fitness, etc. This is one of those blogs where you definitely get invested and are cheering on this adorable family from the blogging sidelines!

THE SHU BOX – Last but not least, The Shu Box. I love love love Sarah’s blog because she shares her life as honestly and simply as possible. She’s a physician married to a physician, and she has three adorable kiddos. Her blog has inspired my own writing and parenting in so many way. I truly look forward to her posts.

Fun fact – Sarah is the co-host of the Best of Both Worlds podcast. The one I was a guest on last April. If you’re looking for a good motherhood podcast, this is a great one!

And of course, My Inner Shakti…duh! I hear it’s a MUST READ! 🙂

By Parita

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  1. Parita, it means so much to me that you would include me in this list and wow, I am in such good company too! That little description you gave has made my day. Blogs sure have changed, but you’re right, the ones that feel real and personal are so wonderful and I feel such a greater connection with these ones… including yours, of course! Thank you again 🙂
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