Labor Day weekend 2019 is done and done! And it was a good one. Lots of family time, lots of friend time, lots of delicious food, and lots of fun.

But you guys know me. I like to keep it real. While the weekend was a great one, there were some tantrums and early wake ups. But that’s normal and expected when you live with a 2 year-old! 🙂

With that, let’s dive right in…


On Friday night, I got ready and headed to Beatnik on the River to meet up some of my favorite Chicago Instagram mamas. It’s always interesting meeting people for the first time, especially when you’ve connected online. You know so much about them already! In fact, I actually knew two of the girls from previous play dates/meet ups.

Anyways, we had a lot of fun chatting on Beatnik’s riverfront patio. The drinks were awesome and the space wasn’t too crowded.

We then headed to Rooh for dinner. You guys, if you live in Chicago or are visiting, this place should definitely be on your list. The food was fantastic. In my own personal words, the food can be described as Indian with a twist. Think Tandoori Mushrooms on Upma Polenta. So so delicious.

I got home around 12:30, went to bed a little before 1, and K was up at 5:20. Fun times all around!


Despite the early wake up cry, Saturday was a good day.

The highlight was dinner at RPM with friends (their son goes to school with K). It was there first time and my tenth, and I was so happy to introduce them to my favorite Chicago restaurant. I, of course, ordered the eggplant parm (to share). It’s seriously the best!

Kaiden and their little guy stayed at their place and were watched by one of their former teachers (one of K’s favorites). They had such a good time! K and R were giggling like crazy when we got back. About what? Who knows!


Vishnu worked a 12 hour shift on Sunday, so it was mostly just me and K all day.

Until my sister came over that is!

We had a blast with Aekta Masi – playing and dancing and laughing! It was a nice little break for mama too. Always appreciate the extra helping hands!


We were all home on Monday, so that was a nice pace of change!

If K was writing this post, he’d say Monday was great because he got to go to the park twice!

I thought it was fun because of my fantasy football draft! It’s held on Labor Day every year, and there’s always such good food and decor because my friend Thea is a huge football fan, and she wants to make the draft as fun as possible for all of us! It was so fun catching up with friends too. That’s probably my most favorite part…aside from the delicious food!

And that’s a wrap on Labor Day weekend 2019! I hope you guys had a great one as well. 🙂

By Parita

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