Hello!  I’m cross-posting with the beautiful Present FULL Mama today. We’re talking about being inbetweeners in the social media world. Wondering what that is? Well, read on and also give Archana a follow on Instagram!

Also, if you’re interested in reading my thoughts about the topic, check out Archana’s blog.

Ok, take it away, A…

I chose to be an inbetweener because there’s no pressure to be anyone but me. I trust the process of growing my following organically and feel blessed that I have the option, as influencing is not a source of income for me.

I got started in social media when I chose to be a stay at home mom for 8 months, when my second child was about ` years old. I know not the typical time one decides to stop working, but I really wanted to be present in a different way for my children. Simultaneously, I really craved a way to connect with the world in a supportive nature. Let’s be real- as much as I wanted to support others, I needed that support through finding connection with others. Plus, I thought it could be fun to share my process of becoming a licensed therapist as a woman of color and a mother because there ain’t nothing like real life to put theories to a test, am I right? . 

My main message through the social media world is around authenticity. Of course, there are textbooks and countless amounts of material to share how you can live a more authentic life, but I wanted to honor that process and show how it’s not a linear one. Each one of us has a unique story and each one of us deserve to have our own process, and for me that includes the love for the arts, spirituality, embracing the badass woman power and all that it entails – so yes that means my feed will contain the raw messy photos along with the creative staged ones because both versions are sides of me. And through sharing this, maybe others will try on to be present, real, and authentic while living a conscious life. Start where you are, come as you are as I always say.

More often than not, I love to share about mental wellness through an integrative lens and share the tools that I have been formally and currently trained in that I truly value. That is, you can guarantee I apply such interventions in the therapy room and personally. Oh but another thing about me- I am no expert on your life. Nope, you’ve got the answers within you for you- trust that.

In terms of making time for all this, I feel blessed to be able to work part-time and stay fulfilled that way.  It’s a juggling act and a skill I’m trying to hone, because my ego will play games with me, inviting me to the motherhood battlefield of guilt. Some weeks, I’m better at posting, some weeks not so much. But I share what feels right and I always ask myself, “Does this bring me joy or satisfy my creative juices?” And when it does, I post.

If you end up following me, you should know that I’m an open book.  I thrive on vulnerability and authenticity because I’m addicted to internal growth, and just perhaps I inspire someone in the process. 

What else is there to know about me? Well, I’m having another baby? =)

Okay but if you want to be an inbetweener too, just be you and put yourself out there. If you believe in your message, it will shine, and others will see it. Be real. Try not to attach your self-worth to how many followers or likes you have. Ask yourself, “When I reach a certain number of followers, what will that achieve for me?”  Another suggestion, blog for you, not for anyone else, even if that means no one reads it or likes it or comments. Do it for you and chances are you will feel deeply satisfied.

Thank you, Archana, for this fun collaboration. I loved reading your perspective and am so thankful to have you as a fellow inbetweener with me on this crazy social media journey!

By Parita

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