This was a good weekend for our little fam!  I think we did a decent job balancing outside the house activities and indoor play.  Also, Vishnu didn’t work this weekend, so in my mind, that’s always a win!

Anyways, let’s get to it!


Friday started off as it usually does – dropped K off at school, worked out, made a Trader Joe’s run, unpacked groceries, and ate lunch. 

After lunch, I decided to make a ‘quick’ trip down to Michigan Avenue to return some stuff at Uniqlo and Nordstrom.  You guys, something you should know about me is that I can’t stand slow walkers.  It drives me bonkers.  The only thing that trumps that is people with poor sidewalk etiquette.  And boy did my pet peeves get tested on Friday.  I probably looked like a mad woman weaving in and out of all the pedestrian traffic.  I was so winded that I decided to treat myself to a little froyo on my way home! 

Half eaten but had to get that pic!

I then came home promptly fell asleep for 2 hours.  This was not part of my Friday plan!  But I guess I needed it…? 

Anyways, I woke up and scrapped my meal prep plans and just made Lindsay’s Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Oat Bars.  SO GOOD!  Vishnu liked them too, as did K.  But I probably liked them the most, given that I ate the most.  I love it when I make things ‘for K’ but end up eating them. 

The rest of the evening was good!  Vishnu and I recently started a show called the Americans, and we are hooked!  I think we watched a couple of episodes before calling it a night.


If you saw my Instagram post from yesterday, you know that our Saturday was a little wonky.  K woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  But we persisted anyways.  I went to a Cycling class at the gym, and then we headed to a new-to-us lunch place called Egg-o-Holic.  The food was great and really inventive.  However, my child only ate the chips that came with his sandwich.  Oy vey!

We then headed home in time for nap time.  K slept for 1.25 hours before waking up.  So much like last weekend, I went in to rock him a bit but ended up falling asleep with him on the bed.  We slept until 4!

This would’ve been ok (ish), except we had a play date planned with my friend Mownika at 3:30.  I quickly messaged M and told her about our situation.  Honestly, I almost cancelled altogether.  But then I rallied the troops, and we headed out around 4:45.  We stayed at Mownika’s place for about 2 hours.  It’s safe to say everyone had fun – adults included!

Two little monkeys!

Even though it was a little past Kaiden’s bedtime, he didn’t fight us too much.  Of course, once he was down, we watched the Americans!


Our grand plan for Sunday was to take Kaiden to the Shedd Aquarium.  We thought he’d love looking at all the fish!  Turns out a 2-year-old can only look at so many fish before getting bored.  About 15 minutes in, Vishnu looked at me and said, “We’re losing him!”  Thankfully, he came alive again when we encountered an interactive submarine play station. 

We attempted lunch time at the museum, but that only worked well for me and Vishnu.  Kaiden wanted to goof around and play!

We eventually headed home, fed Kaiden lunch 2.0 and attempted to put him down for a nap.  I know he was exhausted, but he didn’t sleep a wink.  Instead, he rolled around his crib screaming every vocab word he knows!  It was super cute but frustrating at the same time!

I then gave the whole ‘let’s sleep in the bed’ thing a chance, but even that was a no go!  He just laughed and laughed, while I closed my eyes pretending to sleep.

I then said forget it and just let him play.  This did mean that bedtime was earlier than usual at 7 pm.  He fell right asleep and stayed that way for 11 hours.  Thank goodness!

And of course, once he went down to sleep, Vishnu and I continued on with the Americans!

That was our weekend in a long nutshell.  I hope you had an enjoyable one as well!

By Parita

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