I try not to live for weekends, but sometimes it’s hard when that’s the only real time you have to break out of your routine and do fun things. Especially when you have a two year old who lives for fun!

With that being said, while it was a good week around here, our weekend was even better. Nothing crazy but definitely fun!


The first half of my day was pretty much standard and routine – Trader Joe’s, work out, meal prep, laundry, cleaning etc.

Around 4 pm, I got a text from my sister asking if we wanted to go to their place for dinner. Vishnu was down, so I picked Kaiden up a little early and headed to my sister’s place.

We had tacos and brownie cookies! Kaiden was sad to leave his masa and masi (uncle and aunt) but pretty much passed out as soon as we got home!

My sister makes a delicious avocado/tomato/garlic salad – the perfect taco topping!


Vishnu worked a 24 hour shift from Saturday morning to Sunday morning, so it was just me and K. Overall, it was a good day.

The play date with his daycare bestie ended up being at the Children’s Museum, so I invited my friend Pankti so K could see his other bestie, Arjun, too! The boys had so much fun. A small glimpse into what it would be like to have triplets…#nothanks!

Kaiden ran around from 9-11:30, so his nap ended up being a little longer than expected…by about an hour to be exact. He slept in his crib from 1-2, and then woke up and wouldn’t stop crying, so I rocked him until he pointed to the bed in his room. We both laid down and about 2 hours later…we woke up. Oops!

This threw the rest of the day off a little with food and bedtime, but we made it work. I guess he just needed the rest…

After K finally went down, I showered, cleaned up, and settled in for some Big Bang Theory reruns.

Crazy night!


Sunday started with a post-breakfast park visit. Vishnu came home around 7:30, and because he needed to sleep, I decided to get K out of the house. Also, the weather was radically different (in a good way) from the day before, so I thought we should make use of it while we can!

The park was the emptiest I’ve seen it to date. So perfect! K got to ride his favorite green swing and go down his favorite big slide without having to wait for others to finish.

We made a quick Starbucks run before heading home, as it looked like it was about to downpour at any minute.

The rest of the day was spent playing and trying to stay quiet while Vishnu napped. We probably weren’t as successful as he would have liked but I tried!

Once Vishnu was up, I tried to do a Barre3 workout in our living room. A fun fail on so many levels! V and K wanted to join me for some of the moves (our living room in small). Also, when I was doing squats, K thought it would be fun to crawl under my legs and sometimes just stay there (not fun!). And finally, about half way through, Kaiden decided to turn off the computer connected to our TV, which shut down my workout. I threw in my towel and went to take a shower!

My sister and Adarsh came over around dinnertime and stayed to watch the BLL season finale! I’ll share more of my thoughts in this Friday’s High 5 post!

And that was our weekend in a nutshell. 🙂

By Parita

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