I honestly can’t believe we have a two-year-old!  When I think back to right before Kaiden was born, it honestly feels like yesterday.  I remember it all so clearly. 

With that being said, for us, year two literally zoomed by when compared to the first year.  Vishnu and I were talking about that the other day.  It feels like Kaiden went from turning one to two…just like that!

Two is a lot of fun.  And it isn’t all terrible like they say.  But in all honesty, it’s more tiring than anything else with plenty of terrific moments to keep you going. 

But overall, our little guy is super sweet and very loving, with a side of stubborn and clingy!  HA!

Let’s take a look at how each of us is doing at this point in time.


State of Kaiden…where to start?  I’ll start with the basics. 

Knock on all the wood, but K is a great nighttime sleeper.  He goes down around 7:30 and wakes up between 5:30 and 6.  We did hit a two year sleep regression a month or so ago where he would wake up every so often throughout the night screaming.  We opted to let him cry it out after the first few nights, and he’d generally go back to sleep after 5 minutes or so.  Naps are also better than before.  At school, he’s napping for 2 hours, but at home, we’ll usually get anywhere from 45 minutes-2 hours.  It really just depends.  On what?  I have no idea! 

As far as eating is concerned, he still eats great at daycare.  Like one of the best in his class.  At home, it just depends on his mood.  Some days he amazes us and some days I can’t wait until daycare because I know he’ll eat there.  He loves Indian food, with khichdi being his favorite.  He also usually loves pasta with pesto or red sauce.  In terms of other foods, his favorites include yogurt, bananas, apples, broccoli (roasted), cauliflower (roasted), peanut butter, toast. 

Kaiden has also now mastered climbing up and down stairs (while holding the railing).  He’s also amazing at throwing balls.  His aim is pretty good.  Dancing is also one of his favorite pastimes, and he’s got some moves! 

What else?  He’s still obsessed with balls.  In fact, he sleeps with two different footballs.  Elmo is his absolute favorite.  He also loves Curious George (Georgie!).  Daniel Tiger is up there but I think it’s a little too much talking for him at this age.  Kaiden is also newly obsessed with boats. Our balcony overlooks the Chicago river where all the architecture boats tours come through, and every day (multiple times a day), without skipping a beat, he says, “Mama, BIG BOATTTTTT.”  It’s the cutest thing!  Trucks are also becoming a favorite, as are dogs. 

His language skills are getting better and better by the day, but I’m pretty sure Vishnu and I are the only ones who really understand him!  We’re trying our best to not give in when he just points to stuff and instead ask him what he wants and to name it.  I can’t wait to see where he is in 6 months time!

In terms of his demeanor and personality, Kaiden is very sweet and really funny.  Once he sees that something he did made us laugh, he revels in it and does it even more!  He loves giving kisses, imitating us…what we say and the voices we say them in, cuddling with mama, reading books, and counting to 10.

On the flip side, he can be stubborn and go from 0-60 without any warning.  It’s insane how something as simple as a question, saying his name or even me whistling can set him off.  Sometimes Vishnu and I look at each other and laugh…other times, not so much!

I’m honestly looking forward to this year and watching K grow and develop even more, although I do miss my little baby!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, motherhood definitely turned my world upside down for the first 18 months or so.  It was more wonderful than I ever imagined and A LOT harder.  But the past few months have been really good.  Not without trying moments and days but good.  I feel comfortable in this role, and honestly, I also feel less alone now that Vishnu’s home more. 

Kaiden and I have a very special relationship, and I love that too.  He’s my little boy, and he makes sure everyone knows it.  When anyone else gives me a hug, he says ‘noooooooo…mineeeeeeeeee.’  HA!  Still trying to get him to understand the concept of sharing!

Other than the day to day of being K’s mama, I’m doing really well.  I love the gym I joined back in March.  I go to group classes a few times a week and am starting to see real results.  More than anything, it makes me feel mentally strong…like I can do anything. 

Work is still the same old.  I may have some travel to London coming up towards the end of the year.  I’m ok with a little travel here and there, but after our trip to Anguilla, I realized a job with extensive travel is just not for me.

Other than that, I’m just trying to get out and enjoy the Chicago summer (all two months of it…HA!). 


Now that Vishnu is officially a fourth year Radiology resident, life gets easier for all of us in some ways.  No more boards to worry about, no more excessive (in my opinion) call shifts, etc.  We’ve had him home with us and very present the past couple of weekends, and it feels so nice…and a little strange!  We’re super excited to explore Chicago a little more as a family, given we only have a couple of summers left here.

On the downside, with Vishnu having been busy and away from home the past 6-12 months, Kaiden is not always as nice as he should be.  Like I said earlier, he’s still going through a mama phase, which leaves little to no room for dada.  I’m trying my best to disappear every now and then so V and K can bond, so let’s see how that goes!

Other than that, Kaiden loves to go straight to our bed in the morning and say hello to dada and give him kisses.  He’s also all about dada when Vishnu’s not home.  Crazy kid!

And that’s all she wrote, folks!  This is two and we’re here for it (most of the time!).

By Parita

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