I honestly can’t believe our trip to Anguilla is behind us! As all good things do, it went so fast.

Before I get into where we stayed, what we ate, and what we did, I have to say that the island of Anguilla is absolutely gorgeous. The people are also incredible friendly. On the flip side, everything is so darn expensive! I totally get why (tourism is the #1 industry and they import almost everything), but it didn’t make the sting burn any less!

Also, in terms of how we got to Anguilla, we started with a flight from Chicago to Charlotte. Then we went from Charlotte to Sin. Maarten. And then from there, we took a ferry (through Funtime Charters) to Anguilla, where we took a cab to our resort. Phew! A lot of travel but totally worth it.


This was a total splurge vacation for us, so in the name of go big or go home, we opted to stay at the Four Seasons Anguilla.

First of all, holy moly! What a gorgeous property. Everything from our room to the landscaping to the pools to the restaurants to the BEACH (in all transparency, we only spent time on Meads Bay Beach – less rocks and more space)…it was perfect! We loved everything about our stay.

Our room in particular was a one-bedroom studio with a sitting area, beautiful ocean facing deck and plunge pool. I liked having the extra space since we were there for 5 nights. One other thing of note was the bed. SO COMFORTABLE! I slept like a freaking baby!


Sunset Lounge at the Four Seasons – We ate here twice – sushi the first day for me and a noodle bowl the second time. The food was great, but what I really enjoyed was the live music and ambiance. You could hear the water crashing on the rocks. Loved that we had this option right on property!

Coba at the Four Seasons – A fine dining restaurant where we ate breakfast every morning (DELICIOUS!) and had dinner one night. The veggie options weren’t all that plentiful, but the pasta I got was quite delicious. Vishnu enjoyed his fish entree as well – said it was very fresh. The best part of this meal had to be the chocolate lava cake. We literally licked the plate clean.

Bamboo Bar & Grill at the Four Seasons – This on the water restaurant was the perfect lunch spot after a day in the hot sun. We got the guac and chips with a Margarita pizza to share. And again, loved the water views!

Blanchard’s Beach Shack – I LOVED this place and highly recommend it if you’re staying on the western part of Anguilla. It totally has a shack like vibe (pretty affordable) but the food is delicious with more veggie options that I could ask for. I loved the on the sand seating, and the brownie sundae was to die for!

This one wasn’t on property, but it was a beautiful and quick 12 minute or so walk from the Four Seasons. We ended up going two different days for lunch.

Picante – Again, if you’re staying on the western end of Anguilla, I highly recommend this Mexican restaurant. The food was tasty – umm…corn on the cob with queso fresco! – and the environment was casual and fun. I got the veggie enchiladas and pretty much cleaned my plate, and Vishnu highly recommends the seafood enchiladas he had. A must try place!

Sharky’s – According to the staff at the Four Season’s this is THE up and coming restaurant in Anguilla. So many create seafood dishes on the menu! I didn’t feel too great the night we went here, so I opted for some hot tea and soup – pumpkin coconut! Vishnu had the lobster stir-fry and declared it the best thing he ate! Not the cheapest place, but if you’re a seafood lover, probably one worth splurging on!


Our big plan was to go to the beach everyday and take it from there. We were successful because instead of packing any part of our days with activities, we waited until we arrived at the resort to think about this. In fact, the two things we did end up doing, we booked the day of!

The first thing we did was a sunset painting class on the Four Seasons property. Honestly, it was fun because it was Vishnu’s first time, and we did it together. Would I do it again? Probably not.

The second thing we did was an hour long sailing excursion. This was amazing! All we had to do was let the guys on the beach know that we wanted to do this and when. They gave us a time and a guide and off we went. The water was a bit choppy the day we went out, so it was extra fun! Poor Vishnu sat on the ‘crazy’ side every time because I didn’t want to get too wet. I love my guy!

Reliving our trip through this post is bittersweet – I’m so glad to be back home in our routine with my sweet Kaiden, but I can’t help but miss the beach, the relaxation, and the unlimited time with Vishnu!

Until next time!

By Parita

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    1. Thank you! It should definitely be on everyone’s list. Such a beautiful island with beautiful people!

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