The idea presented in this post is not groundbreaking.  Nor is it anything new.  In fact, I’m probably taking us back like 20 years, especially given how technologically savvy tools rule the world now.

With that, I present to you my recipe binder!

I decided that enough was enough when it came to saving and sorting through recipes.  In the past, I would find a recipe and either save it in IG, email it to myself, or Pin it (although it’s been years since I’ve pinned recipes).  Then when it came time to meal plan, I would be all over the place because I couldn’t remember where I saved what.

But now when I come across a recipe I want to make, I print it out and file it away in my organized binder!  Then when it’s time to meal plan and make food, all I have to do is pull out the recipes from my binder and voila it’s all there for me to see!

Another reason I was desperate for an old-school binder is because going back to look at the recipes on my phone while cooking created a hot mess.  Literally my phone was disgusting.  Also, picking up my phone would lead to checking apps and email.  Which when you only have a set amount of time to cook is a WASTE OF TIME!

In terms of how it’s organized, I have sections for appetizers, sides, soups, Indian meals, entrees, dessert, healthy stuff (i.e. my treats made from beans), and miscellaneous.  This works for me, but you can obviously organize your recipes in a way that makes most sense for you. 

Like I said, this is a simple idea that started in our mom’s kitchen, but I’m all about bringing it back because I need my recipes in one place.  Also, the idea of having all of our household favs in one spot makes meal planning a lot easier and less stressful.    

The few things I bought to create this nifty binder can be found anywhere, but in case you want to order from Amazon right now, here you go!

1.5″ binder | Dividers | Sheet protectors

Let me know if you give this a go and how it works out for you!

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By Parita

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