Another weekend in the books! This one was productive and fun…and very tiring with lots of time spent at the park!

Let’s get to it…


After dropping Kaiden off at school, I went to my second to last Soul Cycle class. It was a tough one with lots of resistance.

I then went home, got ready, and headed to Trader Joe’s and Target. I know it probably sounds kinda boring to revisit the same places every Friday, but I love the consistency. It’s actually fun for me.

After all that, I came home, put on some makeup, and did a fun IG collab thing. I’ll share when it’s live!

I then made my way to the kitchen and prepped a few things – a gnocchi bake, an Instant Pot chana saag, and some white bean muffins turned into bars (SOOO GOOD!).

The rest of the afternoon/early evening was filled with random to-dos and after-school fun with K…at the park of course.

After Kaiden went to bed, Vishnu and I settled in to watch the Big Bang Theory finale. OMG. I cried like a baby! Personally, I loved how they ended the show. It was so heart-warming and perfect!


I needed to make a Costco fun for gas and a few other things. I didn’t get to that on Friday, so I decided to take a little field trip with Kaiden. Here’s the thing about my guy. He loves being out and about. He’s an observer and is always so happy and calm when we’re shopping, so it’s actually fun for us.

After coming home to put on some sunscreen, we headed to the park. You guys, it was sweltering out. I was a sweaty beast by the end of it all. And to paint a quick picture of how wonky this weather is, imagine this…I had to wear my 30-40 degree jacket on Friday.

So you would think after all that activity Kaiden would want to take a nice long nap, right? NOPE! He fought every attempt, until I finally just laid in bed with him. Not his crib. The twin we have in his room.

If there are any mamas out there with good nap time strategies, please share them with me!!! Kaiden is a good nighttime sleeper, but he fights naps like crazy (he’s fine at daycare).

After nap time, we headed to my sister’s place to hang out and eat dinner. Her in laws were in town and made pav bhaji for all of us. I can’t say no to an Indian mom’s home cooked meals!


Sunday was half marathon day for my sister and BIL, so we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed out to watch them finish.

A couple of notes – my umbrella, which Vishnu claimed is hurricane proof, definitely isn’t. It started raining on our walk to the park, so I took out my umbrella only to have it flip inside out a few times. Thank goodness it stopped raining!

Anyways, we missed my BIL and friend Mehul cross the finish line but got to see my sister! So fun being the cheering squad, although it definitely got me thinking about possibly running a half some time soon (ish!).

Kaiden and I walked home (rain free!), made pit stop at the park, and then headed back home for lunch and nap time. I don’t know if it’s because he was more tired than he was on Saturday or because Vishnu put him to sleep, but he definitely napped in his crib without too much fuss. Maybe I’m the problem!?

ANNNNDDDDD…the rest of our day was spent inside because of the rain. Until we went to the park again at 4 pm. HAHA! I can’t wait until summer finally decides to consistently show up!

That’s our weekend in a [long] nutshell! More details than you probably wanted to know, but the more I think about sharing these kinds of post, the more I want to capture the little details of K’s childhood. He’s only this little once!

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Here’s to conquering a new week. 🙂

By Parita

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