Ok, so after much back and forth (in my own head), I’ve decided to bring back the weekend rehash/recap type posts.  I REALLY enjoy reading random posts about our weekends from 2013 (or whenever), and I think I’d be sad to not have any documented with K. 

With that being said, I’m not going to share every little detail, but I thought it would be fun to talk about what we did, what we ate, etc.  Nothing too crazy, but I know my little mama heart will love reading about this season years from now.  So humor me!


My Friday started with a Soul Cycle class.  Man do I love this workout!  Sadly, I only have two classes left in the package Vishnu got me back in September.  As much as I love it, I won’t be signing up for more right now.  For one, it’s EXPENSIVE!  And two, my gym offers cycling classes that are a decent substitute. 

I also ran my usual errands (Taget and TJs) and did a little bit of meal prep.  I made Ministry of Curry’s Instant Pot Batata Bhaji (Potatoes with onions and spices) and the Lean Green Bean’s White Bean Muffins.  I give both recipes 5 stars!

After picking Kaiden up from school, we headed to the park for some time in the sun!  While it’s not quite summer here in Chicago, I’m trying to enjoy whatever warm weather we get because who knows what’s going to happen next!

And finally, to wrap up Friday, Vishnu and I had a little La Croix and cheese date night.  This is one of our favorite ways to do date night in because we both LOVE cheese, and it gives us a nice opportunity to talk over a shared plate of food!  I picked a few goat cheese varieties because I’m still on that ‘I think cheese makes me breakout’ train.  But because I love sharing this experience with my husband, I indulged a little!  We need to do this more often…so fun!

We moved our coffee table to storage when K started crawling, so we had a picnic in our living room while watching Netflix!


The highlight of our Saturday was a playdate with our friends Pankti and her cutie patootie Arjun!  Pankti and I caught up and talked all things career, motherhood, and life while the boys kinda sorta played together. 

To be honest, the rest of our day was just ok.  Kaiden ended up napping in the car on our way home (even though I tried to time our trip home before his usual nap time), which threw him off for the rest of day.  He was super cranky and ended up getting frustrated with himself and us every other minute. 

Oh well, these are the days of our lives… 😊


Mother’s Day!  Sunday was a good day filled with a special gift from my guys along with a very heartfelt card, a delicious brunch, and lots of Kaiden snuggles, hugs, and kisses!

Again, we didn’t time our walk home from brunch as well as we should have because Kaiden fell asleep in his stroller for about 20 minutes.  We tried to transition him as carefully as possible to his crib, but that was a huge fail.  So again, he was thrown off for the rest of the day, but my little bubs did better than I expected.

And that was our weekend in a nutshell!  I can’t wait to read back on Mother’s Days in the future to see what we did in 2019. 😊 Hope you had a wonderful weekend, mother or not.

By Parita

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