A little over a month ago, I shared our evening routine.  To bring some balance to that post, I’m sharing our morning routines (*plural because it varies depending on lots of different factors!) today.  Stick with me here, mornings are a little variable for us!

*A few notes: everything depends on the following things – if I’m going in to the office, if I have an early morning call, and what time Vishnu has to be at work/what rotation he’s currently on.  Regardless, we try to leave the house between 6:50-7:05 to drop K off at school.

So with that end game in mind, here’s what a *typical* morning for us looks like.

5:30 am – On days where I’m working from home, I wake up at this time because I don’t like waking up to a crying baby.  I like to have a few minutes of silence to pray, brush my teeth, and change for the day.

On days where I go in to the office, I’m up by 4:45-5 am depending on what I have to do to get ready – shower, straighten my hair, etc.

6-6:15 am – Kaiden is up sometime between 6-6:15!  He’s been waking up a little later the past couple of weeks.  While his entire routine was thrown out the window during the wedding we attended a couple of weeks ago, it did seem to reset his internal clock.  Hoping 6 am (at the very least) is our new normal!

6:15-6:25 am – Kaiden and I sit on the couch together (he’s usually snuggled in my lap) and give him some time to wake up.  This is my favorite part of our morning routine!

6:25-6:35 am – Breakfast!  Recently, K hasn’t shown much of an appetite, so I usually give him a small piece of fruit, some cereal, and milk.  He gets a second breakfast at school which he usually eats all of, so I don’t worry too much about this.  This also gives me a few minutes to make mine and Vishnu’s shake and prep Vishnu’s (and mine if I’m going to the office) lunch (usually a salad). 

Morning routines
The only picture I managed to snap. Probably because we lost power this morning which threw things off a little! Here’s to agility and working with what we have!

6:35-7:00 am – During this time, either Vishnu or I (depending on the day) will change Kaiden’s diaper, get him into his school clothes, and brush his teeth.  Then we run around getting our stuff together for the day.

7:05 am – We’re out the door!

So that’s our morning routine in a nutshell.  Of course, one little thing can throw us off, but generally speaking this is how we operate!

Your turn – what’s your favorite part of your morning routine?

By Parita

2 thoughts on “Morning Routines: Let’s Talk About Them”
  1. I’ve always loved a good routine, but since becoming a parent I have become super intentional about having a structure in place for me, my husband, and my son. Kudos to you for being an early riser! I’m trying to optimize my mornings, and get up before my toddler, but often my husband gets home super late from work and we stay up later than I should just chatting.

    I think you’d like the podcast Best of Both Worlds, and the blog theshubox.com and Laura Vanderkam’s work. Their podcast focuses a lot on time management as a parent – for family, career, and self! It has been such great modeling for me.

    1. Oh trust me, I stay up way later than I should too sometimes! And for similar reasons!

      And I was actually a guest on the BoBW podcast! I’ve also been following Sarah at The Shu Box for a few years now. Great resources!

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