I previously shared that leading up to our gender reveal I was very certain we were having a girl. In fact, I pretty much had Vishnu convinced and excited about that possibility. I was kind of shocked when we cut into those cupcakes and saw blue icing. BOY MOM! My gut instinct was wrong!

I think a huge part of me was nervous about having a boy. I even asked Vishnu later that night, “Do you think I’ll know how to be a good mom to a boy?” Thankfully, he didn’t laugh at me because I was legit concerned!

The minute I saw Kaiden’s face for the first time, every fear I had about being a boy mom dissipated. I just knew this little boy was given to me for a reason. I was meant to be HIS mom!

With that being said, there were and continue to be a few things that surprise me about being a so-called boy mom. I’m sure there are more surprises to come, but here are 7 that never crossed my mind before Kaiden came into our world…

ONE – I knew our bond would be strong, but I never thought it would be this strong. Kaiden is a mama’s boy all the way, but it’s more than that. I feel like I truly get him, and in some ways, he gets me at a much deeper level. Annnnnd other times we’re at odds over what I’m serving for dinner…haha!

TWO – Boy names are hard to come up with. I’ve had a girl name (that Vishnu also likes) picked out for ages. But after we found out we were having a boy, we essentially spent my entire pregnancy going back and forth with names. Vishnu basically vetoed every name on my list, so it was back to the drawing board many, many times. Thank goodness Kaiden came to me when it did!

THREE– Flying pee is a thing. I read about this before going into labor, and what they say is true. A little baby boy’s anatomy lends itself to some crazy pee antics. Pretty much everyone who’s changed K’s diaper in those early days has been a victim to that flying stream. To this day, I’m super cautious during diaper changes because you never know!

FOUR – Boy energy is…A LOT! If we let him, Kaiden can go from whenever he wakes up (the 5 o’clock hour) to bedtime (7:30ish). He never stops moving! When we try to cuddle with him or keep in him in one place for too long, he thinks it’s a game and gets even more revved up! Crazy boy!

FIVE – Clothes shopping for a boy is the easiest thing ever. Tops and bottoms and shoes – that’s all you have to think about. 90% of K’s clothes are from Target, and because he’s in daycare M-F, I don’t get super nice things because they are covered in food by the end of the day.

SIX – There’s no need for expensive toys. At least not for K because he loves playing with my old containers and balls. He’s happiest with Vishnu’s old soccer ball, my Barre3 ball, and a $4 Target bouncy ball I bought a year ago. The more ‘expensive’ toys we own are stored away in his storage lockers. They get air time when we bring them out, and even then, the balls soon take over! I’m sure the era of expensive toys is coming soon, but I truly hope to instill a love for simple things in Kaiden…we shall see!

SEVEN – I LOVE being a boy mom. For someone who was super nervous a little over 21 months ago, I settled into this role much more smoothly than I thought I would. I love all the roughhousing, the sweet mama and Kaiden cuddles, the crazy amount of energy, ALL the ball playing, etc. SO MUCH FUN! Like I said, I wouldn’t change a single thing! Kaiden was meant to be ours!

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl mom or a boy mom. The love is just as strong. And that’s all that matters! 🙂

But I am keeping it real with the flying pee…that’s totally a thing!

By Parita

4 thoughts on “7 Surprising Things About Being a Boy Mom”
  1. Great list! The one thing that surprised me was how many cute boy outfits there are. I always thought girl outfits were cuter until I had a boy and now I think some of the boy stuff is even better than the girls.

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