If you don’t already write down or take time out of your day to think about the things that bring you gratitude and joy, no matter how big or small, I highly recommend you do. It really does start to shift your perspective. And honestly, I now go through my day thinking about the different moments/people/things that sparked something positive in me.


Ok, now for this week’s slices of G+J…


Kaiden was in the best mood when I picked him up from school. He didn’t fuss, he didn’t scream when I put him in the stroller, etc. He was genuinely in a good mood, and his happiness made me happy.


We took Kaiden to his first (trial) soccer class. The experience didn’t go quite as expected, but it was still fun to watch Kaiden get excited over ALL the soccer balls!

Later in the day, we headed to dinner with my sister and BIL. Kaiden was in the BEST mood, even though we were still eating and talking at 7:30 pm (his bedtime). He went to bed a little later than usual, but I think to think these experiences are worth it. AND he ‘slept in’ until almost 7 am the next morning!


Our friend Rohit and his fiance Lalitha came over for dinner. We haven’t seen Rohit in quite some time, and this was our first time meeting Lalitha. Kaiden immediately took to Ro and pretty much claimed him as his new bestie. After Kaiden went to sleep, we sat and talked for a little over an hour…so fun!


Vishnu came home earlier than expected (yay!). Because of that, we had an hour or so of playtime together as a family. At one point, Vishnu put his head in my lap. Kaiden came right over, pushed on his head until he lifted it up, and then proceeded to put his head in my lap. We couldn’t stop laughing! It’s truly the little things. 🙂


‘This is Us’ Tuesday! WOO HOO! Even though the show sometimes makes me cry, I find so much joy in watching it. I’m deeply invested, if you can’t already tell! And this week’s episode didn’t disappoint.


Vishnu flew home from Miami today (he was interviewing). Even though we don’t spend every waking minute together (far from it in fact), it’s comforting to know the person you love is close by. Welcome back, boo!


I went to the office today (finally!). That in and of itself brought some joy. My coworkers and I also had our very belated Secret Santa gift exchange. Good times were had by all!

With that having a wonderful and joyful weekend!

By Parita

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