If you follow any number of bloggers/influencers, you may have noticed that they regularly profess their love for different kinds of products. I am no exception.

After a while, do you ever wonder if people still love the XYZ cleanser [insert any given product] they were praising a few short months ago? I know I do!

I never share things I’m not passionate about, but I also don’t follow-up as often as I probably should. So today I’m talking about 7 products I’ve recently promoted either on the blog or on Instagram that I still love. These are thing I use daily/regularly and would recommend to anyone reading.

  1. Amazon Basics Packing Cubes – I’ve been raving about these packing cubes since my sister told me about them back in March. They are a freaking life saver when it comes to keeping your stuff organized, especially when you have to share a large suitcase with a toddler. Vishnu, Kaiden, and I all have our own set, and I’m tempted to order one more so we have extra bags for longer trips.
  2. C9 (Target) winter boots – These boots are saving me already this winter! They are SO warm, comfortable, and easy to walk in (I normally walk 1.2 miles to work and then back). I highly recommend these if you’re looking for winter boots that really serve their purpose…and are still pretty cute (IMO).
  3. Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-one primer – I’ve been using this spray for over a year or so now, and I LOVE it. I spray it on after washing and towel drying my hair and before styling. My hair is so soft and manageable after this stuff. Also, there’s a noticeable difference in drying time when I use this. I’ll be using this as long as Eva NYC keeps making it!
  4. Namskar Castor Oil – My eyebrows, as I’ve shared before, are no where close to as full as they used to be. To help with the regrowth, I’ve been applying this castor oil every night. Well, I didn’t for a while but am now super on top of it. Crossing my fingers that with regular use, I see some of my more bare spots start to refill.
  5. Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm – This lip balm, while expensive for what it technically is, has been saving my lips this winter. When I say I used to have the most severely chapped and flaky lips, I’m not even kidding. This balm keeps them so soft and smooth all day long. And for all my lipstick wearing friends out there, I think you will agree that there’s nothing worse than putting a lip product on chapped lips. This will solve all your problems! I even apply to my under-eye area before bed sometimes. I will be rebuying and gifting this for as long as DE makes it!
  6. W3ll People Narcissist Foundation Stick – I’m still loving this foundation stick by W3ll People. I hardly ever use it all over my face, as I’m trying to decrease the amount of makeup I use, but it’s perfect for covering up imperfections. The coverage is totally buildable, and the formula is creamy and blendable. If you’re looking for a more natural foundation option, I highly recommend checking out W3ll People. And for anyone’s who’s curious, I use the shade ‘Dark Golden.’
  7. CoverFX Power Play Concealer – This is still my go to concealer on days when I go in to the office. I love how light and natural it is. As of late, I’ve also been using it to spot correct, and it’s been working out just fine for that too. If you find the Tarte Shape Tape concealer (still love that stuff for nighttime makeup) a bit too heavy, I highly recommend trying this one. And again, for anyone who’s curious, I use the shade ‘G Medium 2.’

And that’s all I’ve got today! If you have any questions about any of these products or anything else I mention here or on IG, feel free to send me an email (myinnershakti@gmail.com). Happy Monday, y’all!

No portion of this post is sponsored.  However, affiliate links are included. There is no extra cost to you, but I do receive a small commission on anything you buy through my links.  Thank you for reading and supporting My Inner Shakti!

By Parita

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