Guys, leave it to me to start something for the blog and let it slip through the cracks!  Something I’m super excited about too.  Oops!  Better self-management in 2019, right?!

Anyways, I’m going to try and be more regular about these posts, as in get them up every Friday.  I strive to find the little daily things that give me big feelings of gratitude, and I want to share what I’m finding and learning in my life with the hope that it gives someone else the space to do the same.  In fact, I’m expanding this to include the things that bring me joy as well.  I think gratitude brings joy and joy brings gratitude.  They go hand in hand.  So while I’m thinking of one, I should be thinking of the other as well!

With that, here are the things that brought me gratitude and joy this week…


We had no plans on Friday night, so Vishnu and I cozied up on the couch and watched TV together after K went down.  I even fell asleep for a bit (horrible sleep hygiene, but the best sleep ever!).


We went to my friend Pankti’s house to hang out and have dinner with her, her husband and their little boy Arjun.  I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see K + A kinda sorta play together.  They were the cutest.  They even had this funny moment where Kaiden would put his hand out and Arjun would lean his face into it.  Then the two of them would giggle their faces off.  CUTEST THING EVER!  Thankfully, we caught a slice of it on video too.


Sunday was a tiring day.  K and I were home alone the majority of the day, and he just wore me out.  BUT, he woke up from his afternoon nap saying, “Maaaa maaaa, maaaa maaaa.”  That little bit was enough to keep me going!


My friend and coworker Lamia and her husband came over for dinner, and K immediately took to Dusty.  I should mention he hasn’t seen him in over six months.  It was sooo cute, especially because Dusty isn’t the most comfortable around kids.  But Kaiden only wanted to be held by him…to the point where I was afraid he may have a hard time going to bed (he didn’t…thank goodness!).


I went into the office after over a month.  The joy in this was not necessarily work (keeping it real!) but rather seeing all my coworkers and catching up. 


Vishnu was in Michigan for an interview (he left on Tuesday night) and came home in the evening.  Our faces lit up upon hearing the door open.  Kaiden was excited to see his dada, and I was thrilled to see my baby daddy and have some bedtime help!


My sister came over in the evening, and it was so nice to catch up with her and have an extra person around to play with Kaiden. As I like to say every time she visits, I wish she and Adarsh lived next door or at least in the same building. Oh well…I’ll take 3 miles away over nothing!

And those are a few of my gratitude and joy slices from the week! Wishing you a weekend full of both of these things. 🙂

By Parita

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