…the answer is always no. As I (and Nora Roberts) like to say.

While the big lesson Vishnu wants to pass on to Kaiden is to never give up no matter how many times he may fall, mine is a little different. I want to teach him the value of asking for what he believes he deserves because if you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Additionally, not asking leads to regret and what ifs, which are both hard to live with.

There’s no doubt Kaiden will hear me say this A LOT over the course of his life because I truly believe it and have benefited from asking these harder questions.

For example, I was the only person in my post-MBA job class to ask for an increase in base salary, and guess what…I got one. Nothing monumental, but something’s better than nothing.

A couple of years ago, I had a courageous conversation with my boss’s boss about my salary. I asked her if an increase to market value was possible, and guess what…not only did I get a major bump in salary, but I also got a promotion.

Don’t get me wrong. Money is not the most important driver. Possibility is. I know who have met the loves of the their lives because they dared to ask a stranger out. People who got cool opportunities when they weren’t the most qualified because they showed ambition and determination.

I also know people, myself included, who’ve asked the question and received a no in return. It’s not easy to hear, but at least you know versus wondering what could have been. The no is a lot easier to take when you think of it this way.

And this doesn’t just apply to major life situations. It applies to small every day things too. From restaurant requests to asking for samples at Sephora. 🙂

Don’t discount the power of asking for what you want. The worst thing anyone can say is no.

By Parita

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