It’s been a while since I’ve just typed and shared random thoughts.  Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Something I hope to change in 2019!  I want to get back to a more regular posting schedule (at least 2x/week) because more than anything, sharing here on MIS is what brings me the most joy.

Between the blog and Instagram, I share lots of little tidbits about our life.  I’ll just let this be a free flow type post and see where it takes me!


A couple of weeks ago, I shared on IG that we were going to wean Kaiden off the pacifier.  I even asked for top tips.  Wellll…my grand plan didn’t go as planned.  I chickened out that weekend because Vishnu was on a 24 hour call on Saturday.  The following weekend didn’t make much sense either since K got sick on Friday, and I flew out to Vancouver on Sunday.  We plan to tackle this in 2019!

For anyone who is planning to wean soon, top tips were to just go cold turkey (expect a few days of sleepless nights) or to cut the tip and let your kid wean himself/herself off.  I think we’ll just go cold turkey because Kaiden seems to adjust better when he doesn’t see the thing we’re taking away.  

Speaking of Kaiden being sick, it turns out he had an ear infection.  I got home at 2 pm on Thursday, noticed that Kaiden had a fever, called the doctor’s office, and got an appointment for 3:15 pm.  So glad we went that day because my poor bub’s ear didn’t look great at all.  He’s on antibiotics now and on the mend!  Whatever he had must’ve been a beast of a sickness because it took down my sister, my dad, and Vishnu.  Fingers and toes crossed that I don’t get sick this time around!

Sick baby laying down

Vancouver was great.  The first couple of days were kind of rough for me because I felt horrible for not being home with K.  From a work perspective, our conference was awesome.  I had a few small speaking roles, and I think I tackled them ok.  From a food perspective, I’m pretty sure I ate my bodyweight in meals.  Everything was so fresh and delicious.  Some of the best vegetarian meals I’ve had in a long time!

Public speaking at HR conference

Vancouver Pan Pacific Hotel

In terms of other updates, Kaiden and I leave for Atlanta on Thursday.  I can’t wait!  This will be a bit of different trip because I’m off of work 100% of the time.  My mom also took some time off, so we’re planning to do some fun Christmasy stuff with K!  Vishnu arrives a week or so later because he has to do that dreaded thing called work. 🙁  We’re getting by telling ourselves that this is our last Christmas apart.  Fingers crossed!


I finished Pachinko on my way to and from Vancouver.  What an incredible book.  I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did, but the story really drew me in.  It’s about a family, four generations of Koreans, living in Japan and everything they endured.  Highly recommend it!


Next up, I’m reading Little Fires Everywhere.  Can’t wait to get engrossed in another great and highly recommended book!  

Vishnu got this toy chest so we can store all of Kaiden’s random toys in our living room without a huge mess.  I must say, I didn’t think we’d end up with elephant themed decor outside of K’s room, but I kind of like it!  

Andddd that’s about it.  Please send some healthy vibes our way.  Happy Monday!

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