When I was recently contacted about Paperless Post, I almost dismissed the email.  But after scrolling through the website and looking at all the cool customizable stationary options they have, I decided to look into the opportunity.  So glad I did!

Paperless Post’s products are for everyone.  Throwing a party?  Pick an invitation card.  Saying happy birthday?  Pick a birthday card.  Thanking a friend?  Pick a thank you card.  And it’s not just all about greeting cards.  You have your pick at cool stationary options too.

Paperless Post

Honestly speaking, I find actual paper cards kind of wasteful…and very expensive.  I mean, if it’s the only thing you’re getting someone, go all out.  Also, speaking of paper cards, as someone who’s had to write over like 300 in past year and a half, I wish I would’ve known about Paperless Post.  Like in real life, you pick your card design and write individualized messages to each of your recipients.  But unlike real life, you send the card via email.  Same sentiments but no waste!

I’m going to use Paperless Post for our holiday card this year, and I’m so excited.  Here are a few of the options I’m looking at…

Paperless Post

Paperless PostPaperless Post

If you’re into the whole digital card trend, you need to check out Paperless Post.  I’m positive you’ll love it as much as I do!

While Paperless Post gave me their digital coins in exchange for this review, all opinions shared above are my own!

By Parita

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