I can’t even believe it!  The trip we’d been looking forward to and planning for months is behind us.

Vishnu’s cousin got married in Vail, Colorado this past week, and instead of just going for the wedding, we (V, K, me, my MIL, FIL, and BIL) decided to add a couple of days to the front end and make a mini vacay out of it.

Baby playing cornhole

All good in theory!  But something I didn’t consider is how unpredictable something like travel can be with a 13 month old.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

Because I really do believe in focusing on the positive, let’s look at what everything our trip was…

More than anything, this time away in Vail allowed for some real family time.  My MIL didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, we didn’t have to worry about cleaning, etc.  I absolutely loved the quality family time we got.  My favorite moments were sitting around the dining room table chatting about random stuff and laughing…a lot!

The trip also allowed for us (me, V, and my BIL) to experience and see Vail via a “moderate” hike.  While the terrain wasn’t hard to navigate, the elevation factor definitely made us more tired than we anticipated.  Holy headaches!

Shrine Ridge Hike Vail

Vishnu’s extended family is amazing and so much fun.  Even though our time with them was limited, it was great seeing everyone and catching up when possible!  It was also super fun to see Kaiden interact with everyone.  With the exception of a few people, he was meeting everyone for the first time.  One of V’s uncles mentioned making this a yearly thing (a reunion not a wedding!), so Vishnu’s taking it into his own hands to make it happen.  I hope he succeeds because so much love for this family!

And last but certainly not least, the wedding!  It was all so beautiful.  Vishnu’s cousin Tara and her new hubby radiated pure joy.  There’s something about witnessing two people who are meant to be take the next step in life!  Speaking of the next step, Vishnu gave an awesome speech at the reception about just that.  Instead of going down the usual route of telling stories, etc., he shared 10 pieces of advice about marriage and married life.  While I didn’t get to see him deliver it in person (I stayed home with K instead of going to the reception), I heard it was awesome and one of the best speeches of the night!

Bride at welcome dinner

Vail Indian wedding bride and groom

In terms of what this trip wasn’t…it wasn’t relaxing!  Not that I was expecting much relaxation with K being the most active he’s ever been.  However, by the time Wednesday rolled around, K had a fever.  And it didn’t go away.  To make a long story short, K ended up experiencing his first ER visit (more precautionary because of a high temperature).

In the spirit of focusing on the positive, I don’t want to fixate on what didn’t go as expected.  Instead, I want to focus on what I learned from our time in Vail.  For one, I love my family.  Obviously, this isn’t a new feeling, but man did I marry into a great family!  Everyone was all hands in with K and ready to give me a break whenever possible.  And beyond that, I love seeing K bond with his grandparents and uncle.  So many special memories! On a more philosophical level, I learned that in this season of life (maybe all seasons…?) I really just have to go with the flow and take it one moment at a time.  If I look at our time in Vail overall, it’s hard to see all the fun we had, but when I break it down day by day, moment by moment, I see nothing but fun.  Perspective is everything.  And finally, once again, I learned a lesson about gratitude.  The grateful life is the best life because regardless of what’s going on when you focus on all the good in your life (and there’s always something) you’ll always be grounded in what truly matters.

Mom and baby at wedding

And now we’re back home and slowly moving into our regular rhythm and flow.  Here’s to a healthy and happy week ahead (longer if possible)!

By Parita

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