My blogging mojo has been off for the past week or so.  I have lots I want to share but 0 energy when it comes time to sit down and type.  That’s life I suppose!

Kaiden’s been a little off the past few weeks, which threw me for a loop.  I know I shouldn’t let it, but it’s hard.  For example, he’s had a fever every week for the past three weeks.  It comes, sometimes stays for a few days, and then goes.  One of those fevers led us to discover his first ear infection.  Poor bubs!  The next one lasted a day.  Like I said, he’s been all over the place.  The doctor said it’s likely due to daycare.  More than anything, I’m thankful it’s nothing serious, but it just throws me off when he has to stay home from school, we go back to multiple wake ups throughout the night, etc.  Understandably, everything is either put on hold or straight up ignored until he feels better.  Such is life with a baby!

Apparently, he’s also in the middle of a LEAP week.  When I told Vishnu about this concept and what it means, he said the whole thing doesn’t make sense.  I feel like the signs/symptoms match up to a tee, so I’m on team LEAP!

In the midst of fever land, we spent some time with family this past week.  My aunt (mom’s youngest sister), uncle, and cousin visited from Arizona and stayed with us Wednesday through Saturday.  This was their first time in Chicago, and they LOVED it.  Because Vishnu and I had to work Wednesday and Thursday, they went out and explored on their own.  On Friday, we walked to Millennium Park, the Bean, and Grant Park.  We also made our way to Lincoln Park to see my sister and Adarsh.  We ended our night with a fun little quiet (sleeping baby!) game night at our place.  So much fun!  I wish all my favorite people lived in a 1/2 mile radius from me and not hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from me.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!

Other than that, we’re gearing up for our week long trip to Vail.  We leave next Monday!  Vishnu’s cousin’s getting married, and we’re so excited for the family reunion.  I’m hoping Kaiden’s sociable side makes an appearance versus his ‘I’m going to cling to my mom for dear life’ side.

And finally, is anyone else in denial about summer coming to an end in like a month?  Chicago starts to cool down in September, so we really only have a month or so left of warm/hot summer temps.  I’m hoping we get a bit of an extension this year (FINGERS CROSSED!).

Good reads

Whenever I read an interesting article/blog post, I think about sharing it on MIS but then forget.  With that, here are all of my forgotten but good reads from the past few weeks…

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And with that, I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

By Parita

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