I’ve shared a lot of stories on MIS over the years.  Like A LOT!  And most of them have involved Vishnu in some way, but the story I haven’t shared is the one about how we met and eventually started dating.  Until now that is…

And the best part is today’s our 13 year dating anniversary!

PV the story of us - year 13

Vishnu and I met for the first time in January 2005 during a ski trip organized by four of the major universities in Georgia (I went to the University of Georgia and he went to Georgia Tech).  He even hung out in our hotel room for a bit, but I didn’t talk to him.  Haha.  The one thing I remember is that he was wearing a Batman t-shirt.  Guess what?  That shirt’s in my closet now!

Fast forward to February 4, 2005.  The day we met (again) and actually talked to each other!

Vishnu came to Athens with our mutual friend Kartik for UGA’s annual Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE) formal.  The backstory is that Vishnu was originally just my friend Monica’s date.  I was supposed to go with my friend Atul, but he couldn’t make it because of an exam.  To make a long story short, Vishnu ended up being both mine and Monica’s date.

On Friday night (the night before the formal), a bunch of us ended up hanging out at our apartment.  Kartik and Vishnu stayed the night at our place.  The next morning, Vishnu and I watched a Bollywood movie together (Aitraaz) because I wanted to and he was there.  I always joke that Vishnu tricked me that morning because here I was, a Bollywood princess, thinking this cool guy from Tech was also into Bollywood.  Turns out he was into Priyanka Chopra.  Ha!

The year of us - year 13

That night we all went to the formal and had a blast.  Vishnu and I even slow danced together to a Bryan Adams song.  It was more goofy than romantic but still a fun memory!

After the formal, a bunch of us went to iHop, and on the way back to our apartment, Vishnu casually asked for both mine and my roommate’s phone number.  At this point, I didn’t think anything of it because we literally just met.  He was obviously already in love with me!

Over the next few months, we met up when we could and talked on the phone A LOT.  In fact, during one of those months, we blew through something like 6,000 minutes.

The story of us - year 13

It wasn’t until summer break when I started my internship in Atlanta and Vishnu started summer classes in the city when we started hanging out more frequently and by ourselves.  He was even my ‘date’ to my company’s annual summer event.

Sometime in June things started to change, and I started having feelings for Vishnu.  I remember the exact moment I thought, “Hey, I really like this guy!”  Before said movie started, I got up to go to the restroom, and as I was walking away, Vishnu said something funny.  I laughed and realized that he was no longer just my friend Vishnu.

Of course, I kept that little tidbit of information to myself.

Then a few days before the 4th of July, we made plans to grab dinner and watch the fireworks together.  Something felt different that night.  Vishnu was much more touchy feely and playful.  I thought it was a little weird but didn’t want to make any assumptions.

PV 13 years later

July 4, 2005!

After the fireworks, we decided to grab some dessert at Cafe Intermezzo (our fav place!).  We somehow got into a discussion about how our friends thought we were dating because we hung out all the time, etc., etc.  It basically ended with how we didn’t want to ruin our friendship…sooo no dating!  Vishnu dropped me off at my car and that was that.  Or so I thought.

On my way home, I was talking to my best friend Roshni about my ‘date’ and all the weirdness when I got a call from Vishnu.  I said hi.  He asked, “Soooo has dating crossed your mind?”  I said, “Ummmm yes.”  He said, “Ok, cool.”  And that was that!  With that question, we officially started dating and the rest is history!

The story of us - year 13

Legally married!

The past 13 years have been full of ups, downs, long distance, business school, medical school, residency, new jobs, a trillion moves, a beautiful baby, etc.  And you know what, while it’s been an amazing ride so far, I know the best is yet to come!  Especially with my best friend and main man by my side!  Happy 13, babe!

Your turn – How long have you and your significant other known each other?  

By Parita

8 thoughts on “The Story of Us – Year 13”
  1. I’ve known REB since high school 🙂 we had mutual friends and had classes together but we never were
    Friends. We even attended a bday party of a mutual friend and there’s a picture where we’re both there but we don’t remember the other being there. We actually met up the summer after undergrad when we both moved home, hung out almost every day that summer… but it’d be another 10 months before we became exclusive 🙂 I love love!
    Happy anniversary to you and V!

    1. Thank you, my friend!

      I remember you telling me this when we met up for brunch! Love that there’s photo evidence too!

  2. Surit and I have a similar story – just 11 years ago, instead of 13. ☺️
    We “met” at the mandir back in 2004, didn’t really talk until 2007. Next thing you know, we’re best friends and the rest is history!

  3. I’m still waiting to meet my significant other. It seems that mine is lost, waiting like forever and getting older each year. If I don’t meet him in my prime years, then will I do? I am sad about this. I feel like life is passing me by and especially in the Indian community when you are a single woman you are looked down upon. People shut you out because life is centered around families and couples.

    1. Girl! You do you and you’ll find the person you’re meant to be with. It may not be the timeline you wish for but it’ll happen. As long as you’re being you!

      And as far as Indian society is concerned, I honestly think it’s less of a taboo to be ‘older’ and single now. People are so much more open to you being happy and living your life – with or without a partner.

  4. Loved reading your story! You guys are so relatable somehow . The hubs and I have been together for almost the exact amount of time as you guys 🙂

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