Kaiden’s a very lucky little guy.  I mean, don’t we all wish we could celebrate our birthdays twice?!

Our closest Chicago family (well, my sister and BIL) and friends joined us this Saturday to celebrate Kaiden’s first birthday.  This celebration was super special for me and Vishnu because many of these people were by our side through the pregnancy journey as well as K’s first year.  #blessed

Mama bear and papa bear tshirts

I need to thank Mother Nature for not only cooperating with the weather but truly exceeding all my expectations.  I couldn’t have conjured up a better day for a park party if I tried.  Simply beautiful – not too hot or humid + lots of sun!

The party started around noon and wrapped up around 2:30 pm.  Again, I wanted to keep it super simple…hence having it at a park near our apartment.

For the food, we ordered a couple of pizzas from Lou Malnati’s and a bunch of kati roll type wraps from Bombay Wraps.  DELISH!  I also ordered a smash cake + cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B’s (my favorite bakery in Chicago!).

Bombay Wraps

Sweet Mandy B's cupcakes

My favorite memory will forever be K apprehensively picking at his smash cake and eventually going in full force.  Everyone cheered when he took his first bite (fistful) of cake, and he looked so proud of himself.  THE CUTEST!  Thankfully, my BIL got it all on video.

Baby's 1st birthday - smash cake

Baby's 1st birthday - smash cake

Other than that, the adults mingled, and the kiddos kind of played with each other.  Ha!

Baby's 1st birthday party

I’m just so thankful to have had most of our Chicago family together in one place.  So much love!

As lucky as K is, I truly believe Vishnu and I are equally so!


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