Father’s Day weekend 2018 was quite special!  Nothing fancy but lots of fun, simple moments.  Just how we like it!

Father's Day 2018

In terms of the ins and outs, here are a few highlights…

  • We had professional family photos taken on Saturday morning.  I’m SO excited to see how they turned out!
  • Kaiden and I took Vishnu out for lunch on Saturday at a new-to-us restaurant called Pink Taco.  The ambiance was awesome – great music, cool decor, etc.  The food was so-so.  We loved the cheese dip and our drinks, however V’s fish tacos and my salad were just mediocre.  Regardless, we had a blast hanging out with K!
  • Kaiden said ‘mama!’  Or something that sounded pretty darn close!
  • Kaiden FINALLY cut his first tooth!
  • Kaiden gave Vishnu a nice card on Sunday.  In the card, I wrote, “While I may be a mama’s boy right now, your turn is coming soon.  Don’t you worry.”  Vishnu read turn as ‘twin’ (because my handwriting is pretty horrible and it did kinda look like twin…oops!) and asked me if I was pregnant.  In a very panicked voice!  I was so confused until I closely inspected my message.  Ha!
  • My sister and Adarsh came over on Sunday afternoon.  We hung out, played with K, ate dinner, etc.

And that, my friends, was Father’s Day 2018 in a nutshell.  I hope Vishnu felt loved and celebrated because he truly deserves every bit of it.  Not only is he an incredible dad, but he’s my rock.  I wouldn’t be half the mom I am if it wasn’t for him and his support!  Love you, babe!


By Parita

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