I don’t know why but the time between month 10 and 11 went by so quickly (more so than other months).  It’s not like we have that much going on, so I don’t get it!  Maybe it’s because we have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks.  Like Kaiden’s first birthday party x 2 (one in Atlanta and one in Chicago)!

Month 11 was filled with lots of fun AND tiring moments.  Now that Kaiden’s on the move, so are we.  Ha!

Let’s get right to it…


One of the biggest changes this month was Kaiden moving up to the older infants classroom at daycare.  His new classroom comes with more space, a more structured schedule, and babies who are also constantly moving and shaking!  So far Kaiden’s taking the change well.  I think he’s a little confused about the whole thing if I’m being honest, but he still sees his old teachers throughout the day so I think that helps quite a bit.

Kaiden now pulls himself up to standing all on his own, and if he’s in the mood, he cruises a little too.  I think we’re still a month or two from walking because K LOVES to crawl.  It’s his preferred mode of transportation!  He’s so freaking fast too!

Month 11

We also have a screamer on our hands.  Vishnu, K, and I went to brunch the other day, and he screamed (for fun) almost the entire time.  It was hilarious, and most of the other patrons found it entertaining as well.  I say most because there was an older couple who didn’t seem to love it.  Whatever!  Babies will be babies!

Other cute things on the list include clapping when we say ‘yay,’ repeating ‘uh-oh,’ coming right to us when we say ‘come to me,’ turning and looking at us when he knows he’s not supposed to be touching/climbing on things, etc.  This age is the best!

While this month has been lots of fun, it hasn’t been without it’s challenges.  K came down with a fever this past weekend, and it was rough.  He went from sleeping through the night to waking up 5-6 times.  Thankfully, it looks like he’s over whatever that was, but we’re now on to what we can only call teething.  The amount of drool coming out of K’s mouth is insane.  It’s constant and intense.  Poor bubs!

And I’m laughing at the Par who thought the separation anxiety was bad last month.  It’s even crazier this month.  But only with mama.  He’ll cry and scream if I’m not around/holding him, but the minute I take him into my arms, he’s fine.  It’s a little tiring but also the BEST thing ever.  I definitely don’t hate it!

Other than that, K is doing so so well.  He’s growing (serious arm workout holding him), still loves food (on most days), and still has the cutest most infectious laugh EVER.

I love my little boy SO SO much, and I thank my lucky stars for him every single day.  Can’t wait to see what the next month brings!


Mama is doing well!  I think it’s because I’ve made it a point to meet up with friends when possible (with and without K).  This one little change has made a huge difference in my mental state.  Of course, my ability to do so depends completely on Vishnu’s schedule, which is completely out of our control, but we’re doing what we can!

I have slipped a little in my healthy eating ways (well my semi-healthy ways).  It’s not like I’m eating cookies and ice cream for every meal (wouldn’t that be awesome?!), but I know I can do better.  I plan to drink more water every day and aim for a few salads a week.  And I may or may not kick my daily Vitamin C(hocolate) habit.  Maybeeee…

I can now say my daily reading habit is back (kind of).  I try to read for 20 minutes or so before bed.  It’s so relaxing, and I think it helps me sleep better.  Which brings me to my next point.

I find I’m tired more often than not.  Vishnu thinks its because of my poor sleep hygiene (i.e. falling asleep on the couch v. getting into bed when I’m tired).  I’m not sure what to attribute it to, but I’m going to try the whole getting into bed when I’m tired thing, as well as being more regular with taking my vitamins, and maybe even meditating before bed a little.  We shall see!  Or maybe I just need to fix my eating habits…(shrug).

Oh and we celebrated my first Mother’s Day with brunch and a fun relaxing weekend at home!  It was the absolute best!

Mother's Day 2018


Daddy is doing well too!  Although his work schedule has been pretty crazy lately.  At the beginning of May, Vishnu was working ER shifts and then he transitioned to nights.  Both of these rotations have hours that are outside the ‘norm.’  Depending on which it is, he either only sees K in the morning or in the evening.  Not ideal, but it does help us make the most of our time together as a family!

Other than that, Vishnu’s looking forward to our upcoming travel.  We’ll be in LA for his friend’s wedding this coming weekend, and in Atlanta the week after.  He hasn’t been home in over a year.  Craziness!


Par and Vishnu are doing well!  Vishnu’s ever changing schedule makes it hard to connect, but we try however we can – texting, early morning/evening convos, etc.

We’re way behind on our book club book, but I’m hoping the 4+ hour plane rides to and from LA will help us get back on track.  When Vishnu reads this, he’ll likely roll his eyes!  Ha!

Alright month 12 (can’t freaking believe it!), we’re ready for you!

By Parita

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