You wouldn’t always know it from the look of my home, but I love organizing, purging, cleaning, etc.  I find true joy in thinking about things like organizational hacks and tools.  You should’ve seen the look on my face while brainstorming for this post!

Since having Kaiden, my desire to keep things as organized as possible has only increased.  But guess what hasn’t?  The size of our apartment!  And now that Kaiden’s crawling all over the place, we really can’t keep our crap lying around.  This kid will grab anything and everything within arms reach!

I thought I’d share some of my top organizational tools in the hopes of helping others who may be in similar situations or anyone looking for a new/different way of keeping things organized.

Please note the following pictures are not staged in any way!  I told you my love for everything organization doesn’t truly shine through in all parts of our home.  Ha!

Functional furniture
By this I mean furniture that serves more than one purpose, namely storage.  For smaller living spaces, this is a must.

Bench – We bought this bench at a furniture store called Far Below Retail.  I loved it from the get go because of the three decently sized built in drawers/bins.  If you’re going to buy a bench, might as well get one that provides extra storage space.  Here are a few similar options – Ameriwood storage bench, Better Homes and Gardens organization bench, and Simpli Home ottoman bench.

Organizational Tools for the Home

Toy Lockers – Vishnu had his heart set on getting the Ikea storage lockers for all of Kaiden’s books and toys.  This particular set up happened to fit perfectly in one of our little nooks and really is a space saver when it comes to Kaiden’s ‘fun’ stuff.  The best part is you can purchase however many lockers you want and arrange them according to the space your looking to fill.  One of the best baby investments we made if you ask me!

Organizational Tools for the Home

Crib – Boy did we go back and forth when researching cribs!  Ultimately, we decided on the Davinci Fairway crib, and one of the reasons why we loved it so much is because of the built in drawer at the bottom.  This is where I keep all of Kaiden’s bedding and blankets.  While it’s not a large amount of storage space, it really does make a difference for us.

Organizational Tools for the Home

My bathroom cabinet could still use some work…but baby steps, people, baby steps!

Rotating makeup/skincare product organizer – I’m obsessed with my new Eloki 360 degree rotating organizer…OBSESSED!  Now all of my daily use products are in one place, including makeup, skincare, brushes, etc.  While this is a pretty large organizer, it serves the purpose.  I love how I get to choose the spacing in the different sections.  So as/if my products change, I can rearrange the organizer to fit everything accordingly.

Organizational Tools for the Home

I’m sure there are so many ways to organize closets/cabinets and make them more functional.  For now, as you’ll see, I’m resorting to bins to help keep things as neat as possible.

Medicine cabinet bins – As my mother-in-law likes to say, Vishnu and I pretty much have our own pharmacy at this point.  So many different medicines, thermometers, band-aids, etc.  Before I bought these small plastic bins, our ‘medicine cabinet’ was a HOT MESS.  Every time I reached for something, something else would fall out.  So annoying and hence the bins.  Now our cabinet is much more organized, and it’s so much easier to find what we need.

Organizational Tools for the Home

Baskets – Our closets serve their purpose for now, and while they’re not super organized, we’re still ok.  Things like these larger bins help with storing our winter gear and random knick knacks we don’t have the heart to get rid of.

Organizational Tools for the Home

On a slightly different note, this basket holds all of our blankets, sits in our living room, and blends well with our decor.

Organizational Tools for the Home

Your turn – What are your favorite organizational tools?

No portion of this post is sponsored.  However, affiliate links are included. There is no extra cost to you, but I do receive a small commission on anything you buy through my links.  Thank you for reading and supporting My Inner Shakti!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been doing a lot of projects for this year and definitely having that organizational tools for my home are essential. Thank you for sharing this. Cheers!

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