It’s been a while since I’ve just typed.  I usually stick to a plan when blogging, but sometimes it’s nice to see where your fingers take you!

In terms of Kaiden updates, I don’t have too much to share…finally.  Ha!  Overall, the past few weeks have been great.  A few bumps here and there, but he’s doing so well.  My fingers are perpetually crossed in hopes that our three month sickness streak is over.  It’s so nice to see Kaiden without a stuffed nose.  My baby can breathe!  Although, his teething (or what we think is teething) symptoms are a little out of control (re: diarrhea galore) .  But hopefully a few chompers will be in soon!


Kaiden with the wild hair!

Daycare enjoying warm weather

Out and about enjoying the beautiful weather (last week)!

Me on the other hand?  I’ve been experiencing a weird allergic reaction to some unknown thing since last Tuesday.  I broke out in hives after being outside for a few minutes, and it’s been on and off (mostly on) ever since.  So I’m now on Allegra until we figure this thing out.  I’m seeing an allergist this week, so hopefully I’ll have some answers soon.  Please send some soothing/non-itchy vibes my way!

Vishnu remains unscathed by everything for now.  Really (really!!!) hoping it stays that way.

The best development over the last week is that we have a mobile baby now!  Kaiden started crawling early last week and has been on the move ever since.  And now that he can get to the furniture, he’s also trying to grab on and pull himself up.  It’s all so bittersweet!  I love seeing him develop and become more and more aware of the environment around him, but at the same time, I miss the newborn days where all he wanted to do was be in my arms!

As the above clearly shows, motherhood is full of ups and downs (luckily ours are minor).  Sometimes I feel like when things are on the up and up, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I mean, I know it’s coming.  Just a matter of when.  On the flip side, knowing this journey is essentially one wave after another, I do try to enjoy the good stuff as fully as possible.

I also have to state the obvious.  Spring needs to get here (and stay!) pronto.  This gloomy weather is making me emotional (i.e. sad) even though I have no reason to be.  I can handle the cold temps, but I need sunshine.  COME ON!

Let’s switch gears to the good stuff.  We have some fun travel plans coming up.  Both with Kaiden and without.  Vishnu and I will be in LA at the very beginning of June for a friend’s wedding.  V’s parents will fly up to watch Kaiden – more grandparents time!  And then soon thereafter, the three of us will fly to Atlanta to spend some time with family and celebrate K’s 1st birthday (WHAT?!?!).  And then later in the summer, we’ll all be heading to Vail for Vishnu’s cousin’s wedding.  Fun times ahead!

I have a skincare post in the works, but for now, I just have to share that Drunk Elephant products are so wonderful.  And I love that I don’t have to worry about what I’m exposing K because everything is so ‘clean.’  More to come.

I’m also still loving the Namskara castor oil I shared about on my Instagram Stories.  I can’t say tell yet if my brows are growing in more rapidly, but I’m definitely not losing any brow hairs.  I’ll take it!  If I do see considerable growth in the next few weeks/months, I’ll definitely post about it.

Another product I shared about on IG but have yet to follow-up on is the Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-one spray.  I love how it keeps my coarse hair manageable and soft.  Tis stuff is liquid hair gold.  If you’re looking for a product that protects from heat styling, tames frizzies, etc., this one’s for you!

Other truly random musings…

I still get super irritated when people see me trying to maneuver our giant stroller in and out of doorways and offer no help whatsoever.  I don’t expect it because I can and usually do figure it myself, but a little help never hurts!

Our thoughts are super powerful.  I truly believe this.  However, sometimes I feel like my thoughts actually create my life situations.  For example, this past Sunday I woke up thinking about how K’s poops are super healthy (he was constipated for a while) and how a major blowout hasn’t happened in months.  Well, guess what…he now has diarrhea.  Coincidence?   Probably.  But this isn’t the first time my thoughts have literally manifested themselves.  When I told Vishnu about this, he laughed and told me to think about his dream car.  Ha!  Jokes aside, I really should think more positive thoughts.  You know, just in case I can make things happen!

I’m excited to share that I’m launching a ‘Working Mom’s Diary’ series very soon – Q&As with fellow working moms, topics specific to the working mom life, etc.  Obviously, I have a vested interest in this topic and am super passionate about it.  I hope, if nothing else, other working moms will read some of these posts and feel less alone (day-to-day life can feel very lonely).

Read this article about maternal grandparent advantage and please share your thoughts if you do!  I want to write about my own take sometime soon.

If you have 53 minutes (give or take!) to spare, listen to this podcast about parenting.  On point!

Annnnd…that’s all she wrote…for now.  Have a great Tuesday!

By Parita

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  1. Happy to hear some good updates from you and about baby K! I can’t believe he’ll already be a year old soon. Where is the time going?! Sounds like you have some fun adventures coming up! Can’t wait to see the pics from all those fun-sounding trips. Do you think the breakout of hives is anything with the skincare products you’re using? or something you ate that you haven’t eaten in a while..? I hope you’ll be Ok! <3 xo

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