Manuel Antonio was specifically chosen for its location on the Pacific coast! My sister and Adarsh knew that after a few packed days in La Fortuna/Arenal, we’d be ready for some R&R.  Personally, I LOVED Manuel Antonio, as lazy beach days are my favorite!

Let’s take a look at where we stayed, what we ate, and what we did…


Our Airbnb in Manuel Antonio was the definition of spacious and luxurious (and expensive!).  Totally worth it!  When we walked into our unit, we were all confused and so so excited.  First of all, we had our own elevator.  And the rooms were beautiful, the bathrooms had rain showers, there was an awesome game room downstairs.  I told my sister I wish we had a couple of more days to enjoy the place!  Not to mention, the location was perfect too.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND splurging a little for a place like this!


I really liked the meals we enjoyed in Manuel Antonio. Everything was fresh and tasty and made with care.  Super fan over here!

Sancho’s – We ate dinner at Sancho’s on our first night and loved the food/service.  They’re known for the wet burrito (a stuffed burrito covered in their special sauce).  I wasn’t too hungry, so I didn’t order that (Niel and Adarsh did and loved it), but my tostada was quite tasty.

Sancho's - Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Emilio’s CafeWe loved this place so much we ate breakfast here twice!  The view is incredible, and the food and fresh juices are super tasty.  I personally loved the veggie, cheese, and egg croissant sandwich.  Simple yet so good!  I also loved Vishnu’s dish on day 2.  He ordered a savory French toast stuffed with an herbed cheese.  Oh my gosh!  It was perfection!

Café Agua Azul – We ate dinner here on our last night.  I’ll be honest.  Mama may have had a little too much wine beforehand, but I do remember the burrito my sister and I shared being pretty good.  The boys all ordered fish and said everything tasted super fresh.  Loved the ambiance here, so would recommend it for that reason alone!

Group picture - Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


ATV tour – This was the only excursion we did in Manuel Antonio, and I think it kind of fell short of everyone’s expectations.  Except mine!  The boys and my sister wanted to go fast, however, the guide made me go first right behind him.  I didn’t drive fast…at all.  When we finally stopped for a break, I pleaded with the guide to let me move to the very back.  He finally agreed, and everyone had a much better time for the last 25% of the ride.  Haha!  I also had a lot more fun riding at my own pace!

ATV tour - Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

ATV tour - Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Beach days! – We spent 1.5 days hanging out at two different beaches.  While I didn’t partake, the rest of the group did some boogie boarding.  I did, however, read and get plenty of sun!  Someday we’re going to own a house by the ocean…someday!

Manuel Antonio beach

And that’s a wrap on our trip to Costa Rica! So many adventures, so much great food, so many memories!  Can’t wait to vacation with this group (of my favorite people) again. 🙂

By Parita

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