I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again at some point. Every first-time decision you make as a parent feels monumental.  And then once you get used to whatever it is, you ask yourself, “Why did I overthink that so much?”

Vishnu and I went back and forth for a while when deciding on a baby monitor. We read reviews, we read consumer reports, we thought about our needs and what features we really needed, etc..  After a month or so, Vishnu made an executive decision and purchased the Lollipop Baby Monitor.

The Lollipop is not your average monitor, so of course, I was a little hesitant at first. I didn’t think we needed the “Tesla of baby monitors.”  Once Vishnu explained how it works and good for us, I was on board.

So here’s what I love about the Lollipop…

For one, the design is pretty cool. Right now, we have it attached directly to Kaiden’s Pack n’ Play, but when he’s older, we can attach it to the wall or put it higher up somewhere and out of reach.

Lollipop Baby Monitor

The other feature I love is there’s a live feed linked directly via an app to your phone and/or iPad. So for example, when my sister watched him one night, Vishnu was able to set up the app on her phone and she checked in on him as needed.  This also means when we’re not home, we can see how he’s doing.  Creepy?  A little.  Useful?  Absolutely!

While we haven’t used any other kinds of monitors, I’ve caught glimpses of what my friends use, and I must say, the picture quality with the Lollipop is so clear.  I love this because it means no guesswork when we hear Kaiden crying.  There’s also no guesswork because of the cry detection feature where we’re alerted whenever Kaiden cries.

Lollipop baby monitor

Other features we don’t use often but are nice to have include push to talk and remote music playing. With Kaiden, I think he’d be even more frustrated hearing our voices but not seeing us, so I tend not to talk to him through the monitor.  We have, however, played classical music for him, which was nice because it doesn’t require an extra device.

If you’re interested in monitoring things like temperature, humidity, and air quality, you can purchase an additional sensor and track via the app. We decided not to go down that route, but it’s nice to have the option in case we change our minds in the future.

In terms of possible cons, I would say the price may be a detractor for some (it’s a bit of an investment), as well as the fact that good internet access must be available for this monitor to work.

Overall, we’re very happy with this monumental (kidding!) decision and would definitely recommend the Lollipop to friends, family, and internet strangers!

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By Parita

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