Every now and then I think about my pre-baby life.  While no part of me actually wants to go back to our days before Kaiden, I do run through all the things I would’ve done differently had I known how much life would change with a little human in tow.

I can only speak to my own experiences, but pre-baby Par did not use her time wisely!  More than anything, I would tell her to relax more and not worry about ticking every last thing off her to-do list.  Enjoy your mostly carefree life, woman, enjoy it!

Life with baby is joyous and fun, but your time is no longer your own.  As much as I believe in happy mama equals happy baby, baby always comes first.  This essentially leaves me with 1.5-2 hours where I can do the things I love – read, blog, workout, etc.

sleeping in as new parents cartoon

I was curious to know what other mamas would put on their pre-baby bucket list, so I reached out to some of my favorites and compiled a little list.  Here are our collective responses…

  • Travel more – near and far
  • Sleep in whenever possible and leave the guilt behind
  • Learn how to cook
  • Read for fun as much as you can
  • Go to the movie theater (with your s/o, your girlfriends, by yourself!)
  • Be more spontaneous (i.e. go out to dinner on whim)
  • Start an exercise routine and/or work out more (I can personally attest to how helpful this is post-baby)
  • Establish a yoga practice to bring out your zen side (which you will really need post-baby!)
  • Spend more meaningful (aka put your devices away) time with the people who truly matter
  • Utilize weekends better
  • Take advantage of “free-time” and fill it with the things you love to do
  • Learn how to go with the flow more
  • Live more mindfully in the present moment

The underlying message is to use your time wisely and fill it with the things you love.  By no means am I (or the other mamas) saying you will never get to do these things again.  You will.  But it’ll be different – lots more planning, possibly some guilt, etc.

Oh, motherhood! 🙂

By Parita

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