Before I divulge the 6 words I whisper to my baby every day (a little cliffhanger…!), I have to share a little bit about my friend Sweeti’s baby shower I attended in Fort Lauderdale this past weekend.

I flew down to Florida on Saturday morning and flew back to Chicago on Sunday morning, so it was a super short trip.  But I’m so glad I was able to be there to celebrate Sweeti and her husband Sunay’s baby girl.  Everything about the shower exuded love and fun.  My favorite parts involved sitting back and relaxing with friends and the game night Sunay planned.  If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you probably saw a few clips of the shenanigans.  So. Much. Fun.

Best friend's baby shower Florida

Best friend's baby shower Florida Instagram stories

Best friend's baby shower desserts

Also of great significance (to me at least) was the fact that this was my very first night away from Kaiden.  My strategy for how to deal?  Lots of FaceTiming and reminding myself that my being away is good bonding time for Vishnu and Kaiden.  And guess what…I was right.  They had a blast!  In fact, when I got back, K was constantly looking out for Vishnu, and every time he would appear so would a huge smile on K’s face.

The 6 words I whisper to my baby every day

After reading Brene Brown’s parenting manifesto, my views on motherhood/parenthood shifted in a big way.  Above all else, my ultimate goal is to raise a kind, compassionate, well-adjusted, courageous child.  A pretty tall order, I know!

For one, something Vishnu and I talk about all the time is how we need to lead by example now that we’re parents.  Even now, Kaiden watches our every move. If we want him to be kind, we have to be kind.  If we want him to be courageous, we have to be courageous.  I think a lot of people attribute their success as parents to their kids achievements, when in fact, it’s all about our own behaviors.  Are we leading the way?  Do our words align with our actions?

Leading by example becomes more and more critical as kids get older.  So what about the baby era?  Well, I truly believe babies are intuitive beings.  They know more than they let on!  Even in the early days/months/years, our words carry significant weight.  And that is why I whisper the following 6 words to Kaiden every day…

You are loved, lovable, and worthy

See, I believe in order to embody everything I mentioned earlier, one of your core beliefs has to be that you are loved, lovably and worthy.  This should be your foundation.  I want Kaiden to feel love and worthiness in his bones.  And more than anything else, I want him to love himself deeply.  I’m confident he’ll be ok if this rings true.

This is precisely why I’m working on my own feelings of love and worthiness.  I need to lead by example when it comes to this notion.  Like I said before, words will only go so far.  This topic is probably worthy (see what I did there!) of its own post.

But until Kaiden is a tad bit older, my words will have to do…

Kaiden, my beautiful boy, you are loved, lovable and oh so worthy!

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